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An Introduction

What it's all about?
Life is creativity...and creativity must be shared!

A word or a few:

We are living in an amazing and alarming time. Never before in the history of humanity has sharing been so easily realized! Communication technology is exploding in development like a revelation. It has simultaneously shrunken and expanded our world. We now can meet, talk to and build relations with people geographically far removed who would have been accessible to all but only the most intrepid traveler a short while ago. 

We now share a common living room with all who have access to the very technology you are engaging now. Never before has the opportunity to share and explore our common humanity been so omnipresent. 

This site is my personal contribution to that dialogue, offering my own voice and sharing of visions to  this newly realized dream of a collective human consciousness we call the internet. Please enjoy! I see that life is creativity, creativity is a blessing given to each of us by the Great Creator and blessings must be shared. This I firmly believe.

Peace, thanks and many blessings!

Heath Hofmeister