Artist in Residence

After 26 years of experience teaching art, I can offer a broad range of ceramic techniques to schools, colleges and clubs. 
I have worked in both secondary and primary schools as an Artist in Residence and can offer a wide variety of choice:
  • from experimental work in porcelain for older students - at one extreme!
  • to a day of historical experience for primary-age children - at the other!  E.g: Egyptian, Celtic, Roman to suite your current school theme.  I will even endeavour to dress the part!

Examples of such work to date


1.       I spent two days at an Academy of Art working with groups of 25 students aged between 13 and 17 years old.  They all produced porcelain experimental tiles which were then incorporated into their final GCSE and A level preparation work.  The teacher was delighted with the work and gave me a letter of reference at the time.


2.     I recently spent a day at a Northampton primary school working on the theme of ‘The Celtic world’, where I even dressed as a Celt.   60 students of 7-8 years old made terracotta clay tiles based on Celtic illuminated letters. 
Every child produced a tile of exceptional standard for their age, and the children all agreed that it was the best piece of work they had ever created.  The Head of Art has also written a reference for my work at their school.


Much of my art work is inspired by my travels throughout the world;  I can therefore also make illustrated presentations to students on such themes as ‘Ancient Buddist and Hindu temples of the East’, ‘Australian Aboriginal culture’ or South America (‘Creatures of the Galapagos’, ‘Wilderness of the Bolivian Andes’, &/or ‘Travels in Peru’).

To discuss a tailored programme for your school, college or club, please contact me at:

2 Beel Hook, Rectory Lane, Holcot, NN6 9SR, UK

Tel: +44 (0) 1604 781138
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 'Dressed for the part': Celtic day
 Celtic illuminated-letter tiles: biscuit-fired examples (before glazing)
 Celtic illuminated-letter tiles - work-in-progress by primary school children
Finished (unfired) result - work by primary school children