Hello, I'm Heather Wilson, an artist in Northamptonshire, UK, who works in both acrylic paints and Parian porcelain sculpture.
Welcome to my website
What's the background to my work?
Born a Geordie in Jarrow on Tyne, UK, I was brought up within a large family of seven children.  We were allowed to play and use our imagination, with the freedom never allowed to many children today.  To us children, the rocks on the wild field behind our house were food in the pretend shop, or animals to be cared for.  Even now, I find joy in holding a misshapen rock in my hand, feeling its texture and shape.  The open air was freedom to experience and to play in; we were never indoors unless it was pouring.


When I passed my GCE’s, and told my mother I had been accepted into Art College, she cried for two days; nice girls didn’t do that sort of thing in the sixties ... not when they had also been accepted as a cashier at the local bank ... so of course I became a banker.  However, my artistic desires never left me, and I finally trained as an art teacher in the early seventies: to spend the next twenty five years (three off to have my two boys) teaching GCSE and A level art in various large comprehensive schools in Northampton.


When I left teaching in 2004 to paint, I had not realised how much I would miss ceramics, and within weeks had my own kiln installed in my studio.  I am now in the happy position of working within my mood: if I desire to work in three dimensions, I work with porcelain; if I feel the urge to paint, I can turn to my acrylic paints and canvases.


What's the inspiration behind my work?
I became a widow in 2006 and, struggling to make sense of my loss, began travelling around the world, returning only to paint and sculpt impressions of my spiritual adventures.   I have just returned from a trip to South America where the landscapes of the wilderness of Bolivia have been a massive inspiration in my paintings.




  • All works may be available for sale
  • Commissions undertaken
  • I'm available for lectures and talks on my travels and art work
  • I'm also available as Artist in Residence for schools, colleges and clubs - references available on request (click here: Artist in Residence)

I'm a member of the Northamptonshire Guild of Designer Craftsmen


Please do contact me at:


2 Beel Hook, Rectory Lane, Holcot, NN6 9SR, UK

Tel: +44 (0) 1604 781138

This website, and all content, paintings and sculptures on it, are copyright of Heather Wilson; photographs on this page taken by Steve Matthews of Northampton, UK


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Here I am holding my sculpture 'Weaver of Light';
in the background is my painting 'Andes Wilderness, SW Bolivia' (acrylic on canvas)
 'Reflections of the Past; The Sage Gateshead Opera Hse, Tyneside UK'
(acrylic on canvas)
 'Banyon Temple at Sunset; Angkor Wat, Cambodia'
(acrylic on canvas)

What would you like to know next?

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