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Recent Presentations

Heather Burnett, Mireille Tremblay & Hélène Blondeau. (2014). "The Variable Grammar of Negative Concord in Montréal French." Paper to be presented at the 43rd New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV43) conference. University of Illinois, Chicago. Chicago, USA. October 2014. slides

Heather Burnett, Mireille Tremblay & Hélène Blondeau. (2014). "Negative Concord in Montréal French." Paper presented at Change and Variation in Canada 8. Queen's University. Canada. May 2014. 

Heather Burnett. (2014). "Vagueness and Scale Structure in Delineation Semantics." Colloquium at the Linguistics Department, University of Maryland, College Park. May 2014. 

Heather Burnett. (2014). "Split Intransitivity and Variable Auxiliary Selection in Old French." Séminaire Lectures de linguistique expérimentale. Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle. Université Paris 7. March 2014.

Heather Burnett. (2014). "Linguistic Microvariation and Compositional Semantics." Colloquium at the Department of Linguistics (Indiana University). February, 2014.

Burnett, Heather. (2031). Vague Predication, Definiteness and Distributivity." Invited talk at the Institut für Germanistik, University of Vienna. December 2013. 

Burnett, Heather. (2013). "Universal Quantification and Degree Modification as Slack Regulation: Adjectival ALL." Poster presentation at Sinn und Bedeutung 18. September 2013. appendix 

Burnett, Heather & Michelle Troberg. (2013). "Diachronic Investigations into the Compositional Semantics of Resultative Constructions." Presentation at the Colloque de syntaxe et sémantique à Paris (CSSP2013). Université Paris 7. September 2013. 

Burnett, Heather & Michelle Troberg. (2013). "The Shape of Change at the Syntax-Semantics Interface: New Evidence from Old French." Paper presented at the 15th Diachronic Investigations into Generative Syntax (DIGS15) conference. University of Ottawa. Ottawa, Canada.

Burnett, Heather. The`Microvariation' Approach to the Study of Semantic Universals. School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences. University of Edinburgh. May 2013.

Burnett, Heather, Francis Corblin & Mireille Tremblay. (2012). "From du tout to pantoute." Paper presented at the 2012 Déterminants et inférences  workshop. Université Paris-Sorbonne. December 2012. 

Burnett, Heather et Michelle Troberg. (2012). ``L'évolution des constructions résultatives dans l'histoire du français: un changement typologique." Présentation à DIACHRO VI: Le français en diachronie. Leuven, Belgium. Octobre, 2012. 

Burnett, Heather. (2011). "From Quantification and Intensification to Slack Regulation: Adjectival ALL". Paper presented at the 42nd meeting of the North East Linguistics Society (NELS42). University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.

Burnett, Heather. (2011). ``Context-Sensitivity, Universal Quantification and the Syntax-Pragmatics Interface." Paper presented at the 34th Generative Linguistics in the Old World (GLOW34) conference. University of Vienna. April 2011. 

Troberg, Michelle, Heather Burnett & Mireille Tremblay. (2011). ``On the Non-Uniformity of Secondary Predication: Evidence from the History of French." Paper presented at the 41st Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL41). University of Ottawa. May 2011.