Heather Burnett

I am a CNRS postdoctoral researcher on the Syntactic Microvariation of the Romance Languages of France (SyMiLa) project within the CLLE-ERSS lab at the Université de Toulouse 2- Jean Jaurès, and I am also an associate member of the Institut Jean Nicod at the Ecole normale supérieure, Paris

A copy of my CV is availablehereMon CV est aussi disponible en français ici.

You can contact me at:  heather.susan.burnett {at} gmail.com

My main research areas are formal semantics, formal syntax and language variation and change; however, my research also makes contributions to the fields of morphology, pragmatics, the philosophy of language, natural logic, dialectology, historical linguistics and variationist sociolinguistics.  

Although I have worked on a variety of languages from the Germanic, Romance and Austronesian families, a large portion of my research focuses on the description and analysis of languages and dialects from the Gallo-Romance family: varieties of French spoken in Canada (particularly, Québec French, Acadian French and Franco-Ontarien), historical varieties of French (particularly, Old, Middle and Classical French), and endangered non-French Gallo-Romance languages (both Oïl dialects (such as Picard) and Occitan dialects (particularly Languedocien and Gascon)).

Coming up: I am co-organizing an international workshop on Gallo-Romance syntax: SyMiLa 2015 in Toulouse, June 2015!

Upcoming/Recent Presentations:

Heather Burnett. (2015). "La négation dans les langues romanes de France: Données de l'Atlas linguistique de la France." Paper to be presented at the Déterminants et Inférences workshop. Université Paris-Sorbonne. June 2015.

Toni Bassaganyas, Heather Burnett & Josep Maria Fontana. (2015). "Resultative Secondary Predication in Old Romance: Evidence from Old French and Old Catalan." Poster to be presented at the International Conference on Language Variation in Europe 8. University of Leipzig. May 2015.

Heather Burnett, Patrick Caudal & Michelle Troberg. (2015). "Les facteurs de choix de l'auxiliaire en ancien français: étude comparative et quantitative." Paper to be presented at Diachro VII: Colloque international sur le français en diachronie. Université Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle. Paris, France. February 2015. handout 

Heather Burnett & Anne Dagnac. (2014). "Two Negations in Picard: A Dilemma for the Syntax-Semantics Interface." Paper to be presented at the Dialect Syntax - The State of the Art workshop. University of Frankfurt. Frankfurt, Germany. December 2014.