Heather Burnett

I am a CNRS postdoctoral researcher on the Syntactic Microvariation of the Romance Languages of France (SyMiLa) project within the CLLE-ERSS lab at the Université de Toulouse 2- Jean Jaurès, and I am also an associate member of the Institut Jean Nicod at the Ecole normale supérieure, Paris

A copy of my CV is availablehereMon CV est aussi disponible en français ici.

You can contact me at:  heather.susan.burnett {at} gmail.com

My main research areas are formal semantics, formal syntax and language variation and change; however, my research also makes contributions to the fields of morphology, pragmatics, the philosophy of language, natural logic, dialectology, historical linguistics and variationist sociolinguistics.  

Although I have worked on a variety of languages from the Germanic, Romance and Austronesian families, a large portion of my research focuses on the description and analysis of languages and dialects from the Gallo-Romance family: varieties of French spoken in Canada (particularly, Québec French, Acadian French and Franco-Ontarien), historical varieties of French (particularly, Old, Middle and Classical French), and endangered non-French Gallo-Romance languages (both Oïl dialects (such as Picard) and Occitan dialects (particularly Languedocien and Gascon)).

Upcoming/Recent Presentations:

Heather Burnett. (2015). "A New Frontier in Generative Syntax: (Socio)Linguistic Variation." Poster to be presented at Generative Syntax in the 21st Century: The Road Ahead. Athens, Greece. May 2015.

Toni Bassaganyas, Heather Burnett & Josep Maria Fontana. (2015). "Resultative Secondary Predication in Old Romance: Evidence from Old French and Old Catalan." Poster to be presented at the International Conference on Language Variation in Europe 8. University of Leipzig. May 2015.

Heather Burnett, Patrick Caudal & Michelle Troberg. (2015). "Les facteurs de choix de l'auxiliaire en ancien français: étude comparative et quantitative." Paper to be presented at Diachro VII: Colloque international sur le français en diachronie. Université Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle. Paris, France. February 2015. handout 

Heather Burnett & Anne Dagnac. (2014). "Two Negations in Picard: A Dilemma for the Syntax-Semantics Interface." Paper to be presented at the Dialect Syntax - The State of the Art workshop. University of Frankfurt. Frankfurt, Germany. December 2014. 

Heather Burnett, Mireille Tremblay & Hélène Blondeau. (2014). "The Variable Grammar of Negative Concord in Montréal French." Paper to be presented at the 43rd New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV43) conference. University of Illinois, Chicago. Chicago, USA. October 2014. slides