Speech-Language Pathology Services in Southern MA

Heather Sage-Hartery, M.S., CCC-SLP, is a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist with 8 years' experience working with children and adults in clinical, hospital, and school-based settings. She earned a Master's degree from Emerson College in 2003 and has worked with a variety of populations since that time. She is available to provide speech, language, and swallowing therapy for a range of age groups in clients' homes on the South Shore.
Heather's areas of expertise with children include articulation/phonology, emergent literacy, language-based learning disabilities, Autism/PDD, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, hearing loss, Central Auditory Processing Disorders, stuttering, and language delays. She also has experience treating adults with voice disorders, fluency deficits, swallowing disorders (dysphagia), aphasia, and traumatic brain injuries. Evaluation and treatment sessions are available for these and other speech/language disorders.