Heather McSparron strategically planned for customer needs as Teller Supervisor

Solely responsible for handling the basic financial transactions of the customers, the teller supervisors are best suited to work in banks and supervise other tellers. The financial transactions include cashing checks, making deposits and withdrawals. When a customer is seeking loan or wants to open a savings account, they will point customers in the right direction.

The teller supervisors hold an important position as it demands handling money. Pertaining to the skills that they need to have, they possess strong leadership skills, thus ably directing the team. They need to have an ability to keep the staff motivated. Besides, they consider customer service their utmost priority. It is his sole responsibility to make sure that other tellers understand the policies and guidelines of the bank. On top of that, they need to have strong mathematical skills as they have to keep the track of the money.

Rendering excellent customer service to the individuals, Heather McSparron served as a teller supervisor post serving as the Customer Service Representative at Riverside National Bank. Her dedication to succeed and progress in banking enabled her to access this position in the bank. This position demanded her to learn scheduling, cash ordering, TT & L payments that are made quarterly by local businesses, performed required audit schedules and how to conduct the audits.

Here, Heather referred the customers for auto or home loans, business loans and merchant accounts, thus taking care of the everyday personal banking needs. Later on, she was offered the same position at Seacoast National Bank. Here, she started it from the scratch right from planning, organizing, marketing and hiring to cash ordering, creating location policy and procedures for the teller side.

As a Teller Supervisor, Heather McSparron always strategically planned for customer needs based on the local market. Besides, she built a successful team by making use of the notes that she gathered. She also organized numerous internal bank forms for auditing and tracking of dual control items.

Various situations at the bank helped Heather to learn more skills. Apart from creating the clear and concise policies and procedures, she faced a challenge of marketing the banking services. The marketing department at the bank was running out of funds to budget for the new branch opening. Thus, Heather learned to establish relationships with the surrounding businesses by providing change orders for convenience. Then, she gradually convinced these businesses to transition their business account to the bank.

Overall, Heather McSparron very well justified her role as a Teller Supervisor.