Heather McSparron served as Drug Demand Reduction Officer at Civil Air Patrol

With great objectives to educate the citizens, encourage the volunteer service and provide aerospace and aviation training, Civil Air Patrol is an all-volunteer organization that includes high skilled people. Either it is about providing the search and rescue assistance, disaster relief, homeland security or cadet leadership training; authorities usually rely on the volunteer pilots and the ground personnel of Civil Air Patrol. Indeed, it is one of the largest volunteer organizations in the country.

Indeed, drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking possesses serious consequences worldwide. Various efforts are being made by the government and non-government organizations to suppress the illicit production, distribution and trafficking of drugs. Indeed, it demands drug demand reduction strategies to reduce the adverse consequences of drug abuse.

Considering the fact, Civil Air Patrol adopted the drug demand reduction strategy with a mission to promote as a positive community service lifestyle. Besides, it also provided positive activities as an alternative to the drugs and gang violence.

Well versed with the wing level planning and execution of drug demand reduction program, Heather McSparron served as Drug Demand Reduction Officer. She ensured that drug demand strategy was being taught at all the wing encampments. She considered it her sole responsibility to coordinate and implement drug prevention, treatment and rehabilitation programme activities. 

Being highly professional, Heather McSparron possessed a deep knowledge of the nature of substance use. She was also aware of the substance use disorders as well as the evidence based drug demand reduction interventions. Besides, she worked collaboratively with the colleagues to achieve the organizational goals and solicited the inputs by genuinely valuing the ideas and expertise of others.

Pertaining to her education credentials, Heather McSparron is currently pursuing Bachelors in Business Management at Purdue University Global. Besides, she attended Everest University for 2 years while working. She transferred the credits to Purdue and began the online courses while in Iraq.