Heather McSparron fought to eradicate drugs and gang violence as a drug demand reduction administrator

Always focused on drug abuse education, prevention and awareness, Heather McSparron has been a drug demand reduction administrator who provided positive activities as an alternative to the drugs and gang violence. From 18-20 January 2008, all cadets and senior members in Florida Wing joined their hands together to participate in Special Activities Selection Board at Patrick Air Force Base. Along with the assistance of Heather McSparron, this event comprised of many areas of competition, right from boards to athletic challenges and academic evaluation. All through her hard work and dedication, Heather received various awards and accomplishments. She was awarded with Circle of Excellence Award for the Cadet Programs and Grover Loening Aerospace Award.

Have a look at other awards and accolades Heather received as a drug demand reduction administrator. To start with, she received Squadron Volunteer Member of the Year award 2006, Circle of Excellence in Cadet Programs and Exceptional service award in 2007, Certificate of Appreciation for Summer Encampment in 2008, Group 4 Certificate of Appreciation as Finance Officer in 2008, Certificate of Appreciations Group 4 Banquet Committee in 2008, Florida Wing Commanders Commendation (Special Activities) in 2008, Florida Wing Commanders Commendation (Winter Encampment) in 2008, TACO of encampment (Award selected by Cadets), Certificate of Appreciation Group 4 Banquet Committee in 2009, Benjamin O Davis Jr Award (Level 2 Professional Development ) 2010, and the list goes on.

Besides this, Heather McSparron possesses a clear understanding of the procurement regulations (FAR, DFAR, ITAR). She is a highly motivated individual who holds a great expertise in the government procurements as a buyer. She worked as a Buyer in Baghdad from 2017 till June 2018 where she continued her duties as the previous ones. Talking about her skills, Heather holds a solid background in internal/external customer relations and communication skills.

From 2012-2015, she has been working as a buyer at DynCorp International at Melbourne. Here, she prepared and solicited quotes to the selected brokers. Besides, she provided OEM or FAA approved repair facilities for aircraft and non-aircraft new and repair parts. While working in Kabul, she prepared and solicited the quotes to the local suppliers for the materials and services. 

Pertaining to her education credentials, Heather McSparron is currently studying at Purdue University Global where she is pursuing Bachelors in Business Management. She also attended Everest University for 2 years while working and transferred the credits to Purdue. Thereafter, she started her online courses in Iraq.