Heather McSparron focused on providing positive activities as an alternative to drugs

The problem of drug use has a serious impact on the lives of servicemen and women in the military. With a mission to help curb the drug use among all the children within the range of an active military base, drug demand reduction program is there to create such an environment at Civil Air Patrol that promotes and supports education, community involvement, social responsibility and respect for individuals. It assists regions, wings and squadrons in ensuring strong cadet programs through prevention, education, and opportunity.

Being a Drug Demand Reduction Administrator at Civil Air Patrol, Heather McSparron has always been well versed with wing planning and execution of drug demand reduction program. She just ensured that the drug demand strategy was being taught at all the wing encampments. She focused on providing positive activities as an alternative to drugs and gang violence. She considered it her sole responsibility to coordinate and implement drug prevention, treatment and rehabilitation programme activities.

Pertaining to her professional career as a buyer, Heather has been working in DynCorp International since 2012. From 2012-2015, Heather worked as a buyer at     DynCorp International at Melbourne. Here, she prepared and solicited quotes to the selected brokers. Moreover, she also provided OEM or FAA approved repair facilities for aircraft and non-aircraft new and repair parts. Even while working in Kabul, she prepared and solicited quotes to the local suppliers for the materials and services. She also reviewed the items for orders and for the possibility of procuring more locally.

Pertaining to her education credentials, Heather McSparron is currently studying at Purdue University Global where she is pursuing Bachelors in Business Management.