Heather McSparron started her professional career as a buyer at DRS-RSTA

Creating a competitive process in the public sector, procurement regulations are much required to achieve the best value for taxpayers money. Indeed, these regulations aim at establishing a structured process just to ensure best quality at the lowest price in the purchasing of goods, services and works. It is generally considered a strategic function that works to improve the profitability of the organization.

Possessing a clear understanding of the procurement regulations (FAR, DFAR, ITAR), Heather McSparron is a highly motivated individual. She holds a great expertise in the government procurements as a buyer. She worked as a Buyer in Baghdad from 2017 till June 2018 where she continued her duties as the previous ones. Talking about her skills, Heather holds a solid background in internal/external customer relations and communication skills.

Starting her professional career as a buyer at DRS-RSTA, Heather prepared and solicited quotes to the selected suppliers, analyzed the proposals, reviewed the cost/price analysis with the program management, administered definitized purchase orders and monitored the supplier performance. Here, she also made it sure that the supplier has valid NDA prior to purchase order release. Heather consolidated Bin Stock program from three buildings to one building while preventing the manufacturing line from work stoppage.

Pertaining to her education credentials, Heather McSparron is currently studying at Purdue University Global where she is pursuing Bachelors in Business Management. She also attended Everest University for 2 years while working and transferred the credits to Purdue. Thereafter, she started her online courses in Iraq.