Capital: Tete

                                                                                                                 Major Ethnic Groups: Cinyungwe, Cinyanja, Shona, Senga

I never went to Tete, but I knew several volunteers who lived there. Tete seemed like a crossroads of African cultures. Situated between Malawi and Zimbabwe, it has many cultural connections with those two countries.

Tete city was known for being extremely hot. Near the border with Malawi or the Cahora Bassa Dam, it was cooler, higher elevation.

Tete is most famous for the enormous Cahora Bassa Dam, on the Zambezi River. The dam provides electricity to most of Southern Africa. It was controversial, built during the beginning of the Independence War. FRELIMO attacked the construction site several times. But in 2007, Portugal sold its shares in the dam to Mozambique. I was in Mozambique when talks were going on about this, and one month Mais Magazine put a picture of the dam on the cover and proclaimed "É NOSSA!"



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