Capital: Lichinga

                                                Major Ethnic Groups: Macua, Yao, Nyanja

Unfortunately, I never got the chance to go to Niassa. I heard lots of good things about the province though. I've heard that Lichinga is elevated and therefore cooler than the rest of the area. 

 What is called Lake Malawi on most world maps, is called Lago Niassa on Mozambicans maps, reflecting old territory issues. (Photo by Alex Kruzel)

 There is a train that runs from Nampula City to Cuamba. Many people take this train on their way to Malawi. I wish I could give a more detailed account of how to travel from Nampula into Malawi, but alas, I don't. If there is anyone who has made this trip who would like to contribute, please let me know! (Photo by Guido Aldi)        

Massukos "Niassa"

Massukos is a very popular band throughout Mozambique. This is remarkable because they come from the very edge of the country's consciousness. Even in Maputo, people love their music. They have started an NGO, Estamos, to help their community of Lichinga.













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