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Capital: Nampula

Major Ethnic Groups: Macua, Ekoti

Nampula Province is closest to my heart. This is where I spent two years of my life, teaching English as a foreign language to eighth grader at the Escola Secundaria de Monapo.

The majority of people in Nampula province are Macua. There is also a large Indian population and also people of mixed Indian and Macua heritage. The girls above are wearing mussiromasks, which are the most visual symbol of Macua culture. The photo to the left is of an inselberg, a geological formation found in Northern Mozambique.   

 "Northern Mozambique...nobody goes there." 

Paul Theroux, in his awful yet highly acclaimed book 

Dark Star Safari, 2002


 Ilha de Moçambique




Macua Vocabulary

Catholic Macua Site

The Our Father in Macua:

Tith'ihu muri wirimu!
Nsina nanyu nivuwihiwe.
Omwen'anyu onirwele hiyo.
Otthuna wanyu wireye
ntoko wirimu siso vathi-va.
Munivahe olelo yoly'ahu ya khula nihiku.
Munlevelele sottheka sahu,
ntoko hiyo nnalevelelahu anitthekenle.
Muhinihiye omora nehereriwaka;
vano munakiherye sotakhala.



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