Monapo is a small town about two hours east of Nampula City and about an hour from the Ilha. This is where I lived and worked for two years. I taught 8th grade English (TEFL) at the Escola Secúndaria de Monapo.

There are two Monapos. I lived in Monapo Vila. The area was surrounded by cashew trees; Monapo Rio once had a large cashew factory. It was a pleasant place to live. It was small enough to get everywhere on foot and to know many people and be recognized by many more. But, being close enough to a large city, it did not feel too remote or isolated.

                                            Nossa Casinha

 Friends Agira and Catarina in front of the bar Olelo Orini which in Macua means What is there (to eat)  today? Which is a funny name because all they ever had was coca-cola.




Fruta de Cajú

                             Hilário e Cândido



                 Can you find the boy in the macanica tree?










         Cabritos num árvore de cajú






                     Ilda e sua amiga usando uma mascara de mussiro 

                      Lucrezia Pedro


Alunos dançando passada numa festa




                        Na Padaria

              Alvido assando cajú


             Nosso gatinho Chorinho



                     A Latrina