Línguas de Moçambique

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                                                                                                                                       Mozambican Languages 


 A Linguistic Map of Mozambique:


 You can see from this map how the provincial boundries loosely follow the linguistic regions. The Portuguese langauge unites the country and gives support to the idea of Mozambique as a nation. But the African languages seem closer to the heart; people sing, speak to their children, pray in these languages.





Learn your animals in Swahili!

(ok, not  that many people people speak Swahili in Moz, only in the far North. But it is close to Macua...)



Portuguese is a romance language. 

It is the 7th most widely spoken language in the world with around 170 million speakers. It even out-ranks French. And yet, this beautiful language doesn't get the credit it deserves. The Portuguese were once a powerful nation with sailors and explorers who pushed the boundries of the world known to Europe, taking their language with them.  

Portugal may have been one of the worst colonial powers in Africa, but in the present day, Portuguese-speaking countries belong to group unique in its cultural awareness and it's interconnectedness. India and South Africa aren't of special interest to America because they were once British colonies too.  Language doesn't bind us together. But among the former Portuguese colonies, there is a shared history and, though they are all distict, they even have a common popular culture, a rich musical tradition: Mozambicans dance to Cape Verdean music, watch Brazilian telenovelas, eat Indian food.





cultura moçambicana

 Portuguese is the official language of Mozambique, however, as in most African countries, every ethnic group mantains its own African language. There are at least 20 different African languages spoken in Mozambique.

Most children speak their African or "Maternal" language at home and then learn a European language once they begin school. Most Africans are at the very least bilingual. Many of my students knew at least Macua and Portuguese and often they spoke a second African language. 



 My beautiful Portuguese teacher, Teresa in front of our classroom.


Learn  Portuguese.


 Portuguese is the official language of:







Cabo Verde

São Tomé e  Príncipe

  • and is also spoken in

Macau (China)

Goa (India)

Massachusetts, Florida (USA)