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From "The Final Goodbye" in Ruins Metropolis
(c) 2008
Sand dunes spread out for kilometers like waves in the ocean, the sunlight turning them golden. Amythisy Dyier shielded her eyes from the burning sun with her veil, ignoring the butterflies in her stomach. she had to do this. There was no turning back.
The camel moved forward, following the man in front of her. She had been worried she wouldn't remember the way, but she was wrong. She didn't try to make him turn back. It would be hard enough to explain the impossible. He would never have believed she had been here while the city was new, and the world was just starting to hear about the Egyptian civilization. Amythist thought about using her magick on him, but decided against it. She didn't want Dalamar to see that.
Her camel groaned as it came to the top of the dune. She looked around, her eyes drinking in the sight before her. Where a dazzling city of gold used to stand were now-faded sand-colored ruins. She looked around, trying to pick out familiar sights, but there were none. Tears sprang to her eyes, and for once she was happy she had decided to wear the black, gossamer veil that protected her eyes from the sand and sun. her hands shook, her magick rising to the surface. Amythist didn't want to go any further, but had no choice. She urged the camel forward, her magick freezing the guide in place. She would enter the city alone.
"Are you sure this is the place, Dalamar?"
The words were just a memory as they spilled from her lips. She couldn't help but wonder if this was the same city. Then she caught sight of the heiroglyphics on the side of a building and knew this was the place, Past rulers were carved into the stone, along with the depiction of two travelers wielding magicks. One was hooded, only his green eyes shown. But the other was not, indigo hair hanging down framing bright blue eyes. It was a good thing that she had frozen the guard. The crude drawing had worn through time, but its identity was still obvious. Amythist dismounted and pulled back her veil, the wind pulling at her indigo hair.