Praise for Epiphany:
From Siren's Song Reviews (rated 4 Stars) -
"It is an extremely entertaining read that keeps you sucked in and before you know it you see The End. This book was a tease! It tells you just enough to so you're not lost and leaves you wanting to know more." more

From Long and Short Reviews (rated 3.5 Books) - "With a solid plot and interesting characters that I enjoyed reading about, it's a fantasy romance that could be read and certainly enjoyed in a single sitting." more
From The Pen and Muse - "Those who love action, adventure, the fey, and romance will love this." more
From Deana at Romancing the Book (rated a Lovely Rose)- "The connection between Everlena and Mika is just magical. It's my feeling that they were born to love each other. I found myself smiling a lot while reading. The secondary characters bring spunk and humor to this tale. I love tales of the Fae and I think this one hits spot on." more
Praise for Dream Lover:
From Sizziling Hot Book Reviews (rated 3 Hearts) - "DREAM LOVER is a good concept with loving characters and is a good sweet love story." more
From The Pen and Muse - "Although it's a short story, you can invest in the characters  and the plot line." more
Praise for Far and Away:
From The Pen and Muse - "Kuehl does it again with some great flash fiction and poetry. Her work makes you think, is something really hiding in the dark and even in the deep recesses of your mind." more
From Tammy at The Pen and Muse - "Perfect for momentary jolts in between the daily moments of drudgery, FAR AND AWAY is loaded with slices of life that sting with humor and linger in memory." more
Praise for Fade to Black:
From Love Romances and More - "FADE TO BLACK is one kick butt action-adventure ride from start to finish." more
From Mary Corrales - "I loved FADE TO BLACK. It's one of the best short books that I've read." more
From Happily Ever After Reviews (rated 4/5 Teacups) - "Ms. Kuehl was more than able to deliver with this short paranormal romance. From the first word, I was hooked and the end left me begging for more." more
From Trent at Siren Book Reviews (rated 4/5 Siren Stones) -
"FADE TO BLACK is an action packed story with little room for rest: both for her characters and her readers." more
From Nanci Arvizu - "FADE TO BLACK is a great story with strong characters that take the reader on a journey into a dark world. Heather tells the story with great attention to detail never leading the reader down a path that isn't fully explored." more
From Jennifer at Dark Diva Reviews (rated 4/5 Divas) - "I was afraid to breathe, let alone blink an eye for fear of missing a thing!" more
From Carol at Bitten By Books (rated 4/5 Tombstones) - "With its intricate universe and non-stop action, FADE TO BLACK packs a good solid punch into its short length." more
From Silvermage at Night Owl Romance (rated 4.5/5 Stars) - "What you get in this paranormal story is lots of action and excitement. You also get cruel and beat worthy enemy vampires...Oh and the weapons Sarah and Jared use were just COOL!" more
From Tammy at The Pen and Muse - "Kuehl's writing gives Sarah an edgy, street-savvy persona. Sarah is the modern day heroine with smarts who does not need a dashing hero to come to her rescue." more
From Brynna at You Gotta Read Reviews (rated "You Gotta Read") - "Very well written and one you gotta read. Ms. Kuehl has become a new favorite of this reviewer!" more
Praise for Malevolent Dead:
From Bitten By Books (rated 4.5/5 Tombstones) - "Once again, Kuehl does not disappoint with this excellent tale filled with interesting characters caught in the midst of pedal-to-the-metal suspense and action in an intriguing supernatural world." more
From You Gotta Read (rated "You Gotta Read") - "Sarah reaches out, grabs hold and drags you through the story with her. Non stop suspense, scorching hot love, or is it just lust, scenes and enough paranormal nasties to keep you away from the cemetery permanently make this book one you've gotta read." more
From Tammy at The Pen and Muse - "Kuehl's skilled writing brings an added dimension to Sarah Vargas without compromising the ass-kicking sensibility of this determined heroine." more
From Silvermage at Night Owl Romance (rated 4/5 Stars) - "The werewolf attacks were surprising and well described. The blood drinking was sexy, hot and a bit creepy. The action kept the story moving and I thoroughly enjoyed the final battle." more
From Happily Ever After Reviews (rated 4.5/5 Teacups) -
"I would love to say more, but I can't without giving away some major plot points. MALEVOLENT DEAD is an awesome adventure with kick-butt action, hot sexual encounters, and interesting characters." more
Praise for Blood Moon: 
From The Pen and Muse - "When I think of Heather Kuehl, I think of great action packed paranormal writing. Why? She simply provides it with such ease that as a reader, you invest in her works, her characters, and the world these characters are in...Sarah is a great kick ass character that you will absolutly fall in love with." more
From Night Owl Romance (rated 4/5 stars) - "It's short, but works perfectly in that format...If you like Anita Blake, but don't really like all the soul searching and personal issues, you will love Sarah Vargas. " more

From You Gotta Read Reviews (rated "You Gotta Read") - "BLOOD MOON is a fast paced read, filled with suspense, action, and heat." more
From Carol at Bitten By Books (rated 3.5 Tombstones) - "Once again, Kuehl does an admirable job of pulling the reader into her very interesting paranormal world with its vairous alliances and characters." more
Praise for Promises to Keep:
From Denise at The Pen and Muse - "Kuehl does a wonderful job telling Starlette's journey and describing a world full of magic." more
From M. Arkenberg at Mirror Dance - "This is the perfect book for the fantasy fan who wants to kick back with an adventure but doesn't want to dedicate weeks to a 500-page doorstopper. Its small size and strong focus on plot make it a good read for a commute or a day in the park." more
From DJ on - "PROMISES TO KEEP is a fast moving mixture of adventure and fantasy. The tale of Starlette DeFore's quest to find her father keeps you captured from the beginning to end." more
Short Story Reviews:

From Adrian Brady at Morpheus Tales 11 Review Supplement - "'Susan's Ghost' by Heather Kuehl is a simple haunting tale, but told with subtlety and style." more
"Blythe's Vengeance" was rated 6.5/10 by Lyn Perry at Bloggin' Outloud.

"The Voice Within the Book" was rated 6.5/10 by Lyn Perry at Bloggin' Outloud.