Freebies and Signatures
I will gladly sign any of my books as well as magazines or anthologies that I have been published in.  I offer the following option
Email me your snail mail addy and I will mail you a bookplate. These are free and are 2"x4" in size. Just send an email to mrsheyheywrites(at)gmail(dot)com, subject "Freebie Request." US residents only.
My available freebies will vary depending on what I have at the time, however I'll always have bookplates (see Signatures) and bookmarks.
How can you get your freebies? Just send an email to mrsheyheywrites(at)gmail(dot)com, subject "Freebie Request."
When you send your request please include:
Your snail mail address
Which freebies you want
If you don't specify, I'll send you one of everything. I also don't have a problem with sending multiples of the same item (ex: 5 Blood Moon bookmarks) as long as it's not an excessive amount.
Open to all residents
Current freebie package* (as of June 2017):
  • Fade to Black button
  • Malevolent Dead postcard
  • Blood Moon bookmark
  • magnet with Sarah Vargas cover art (Fade to Black, Malevolent Dead, and Blood Moon)
* Current freebies are for titles under the name Heather Kuehl. Heather Dade freebies will be coming soon.