Far and Away: an anthology of flash fiction and poems
Genre: paranormal, fantasy, science fiction, romance, contemporary
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Release Date: May 2011
Filled with over 30 previously published poems and flash fiction pieces and 12 works that have never seen the light of day, Far and Away takes readers into a world of possibilities. Join a bride on her wedding day where all isn't as happy as it seems. See life through the eyes of a beloved pet as he tries to make the great escape. What is hiding in the dark? Includes award winners such as "Miscommunication" and "Beauty is the Beast." Far and Away is an anthology for readers on the go.
Cover art by the wonderful Dawne Dominique
From The Pen and Muse - "Kuehl does it again with some great flash fiction and poetry. Her work makes you think, is something really hiding in the dark and even in the deep recesses of your mind."...read more
From Tammy at The Pen and Muse - "Perfect for momentary jolts in between the daily moments of drudgery, FAR AND AWAY is loaded with slices of life that sting with humor and linger in memory."...read more