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from Chapter 1 of Epiphany 
Scooping Everlena up into his arms, Mika dashed from the bathroom. Before she knew it they were outside, breathing in the cold night air.

Wheezing, Everlena tried to make sense of what had just happened. The ex-girlfriend theory was apparently panning out, especially since she heard Mika muttering, “I can’t believe she did that. Glad I left her when I did.”

“What’s going on?” Everlena’s throat was rough and painful, making her voice sound gravelly. “Put me down, Mika.”
He carefully did as she asked, setting her down on a bench outside the restaurant. Just as carefully, he cupped her chin in his gloved hand and tilted her head to examine her neck.
“You’ll bruise, that’s for sure. Why didn’t you fight back?”
“She surprised me. I didn’t know what to do.”
“You let the leader of Dyier Shola surprise you? I find that unlikely.”
“Dyier Sh-what?”
Mika’s eyes narrowed, examining hers as he spoke. “Dyier Shola. The assassins.”
Everlena felt chilling fear slide through her. “What?”
“You really have no clue what I’m talking about, do you?”
“Why did your ex-girlfriend try to kill me? What did you do to her?”
Mika ground his teeth as he shook his head. “Why is it that, even after she tried to kill you, you women always band together? You assume it was something I did.”
“Then why did she try to kill me?”
Mika sighed and leaned back. “I never thought I’d have to explain this to someone of your stature.”
“My stature?”
“Royalty. You’re a faerie princess, Everlena.”