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Everlena doesn't usually go out to clubs, but one night she decides to, on a whim. She meets Mika, a man who is as mysterious as he is delectable. Everlena doesn't know that Mika has plans for her, or that dark forces are out to get her.

Mika is the Fey-King of the Unseelie Court. He's trying to find the princess of the Seelie Court, and is shocked to find her living life as a human. Even more shocking is that this human has no clue Mika’s world even exists. Mika must get Everlena to safety while convincing her that a union between her light court and his dark court is the only way to end the violence.

With danger around every turn, will Everlena be able to leave her human life behind and take her place as a princess of the Seelie Court? Or will the feelings blossoming between Everlena and Mika get in the way? 

Genre: paranormal romance MF
Heat rating: 3 flames
"It is an extreamly entertaining read that keeps you sucked in and before you know it you see The End. This book was a tease! It tells you just enough so you're not lost and leaves you with wanting to know more." - Siren's Song Reviews
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Decadent Publishing
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