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from Chapter 1 of Dream Lover
Waving, Denna ran down the street. Luck was on her side as she approached the crosswalks. Lights clicked over, allowing her to dash across the intersection with the other pedestrians. Feeling her phone vibrating in her pants pocket, Denna cursed and pushed herself to go faster as she looked down to see who was calling.

Tires squealed and car horns blared as Denna ran into an intersection that wasn’t ready for pedestrians. She froze, gray eyes growing wide as she watched the car barreling toward her. There was no way she could move in time. She was going to die.

Something heavy slammed into her, sending Denna crashing onto the sidewalk. Her head cracked on the pavement, and her hand felt the spot and came back with blood. She felt someone move beside her, and reality came crashing back. She was alive. Some stranger had saved her life. Denna had a pounding headache from the injury, but she couldn’t care less. She was just happy to be alive.
Rolling over, she touched the muscled shoulder of the man that pushed her aside.
“Thank you so much. I wasn’t paying attention. Thank God you were. Thank you so…”

The words left Denna as the man sat up, pushing shoulder-length red hair out of his eyes. It couldn’t be! The man smiling at her with a quizzical look in his eyes looked exactly like…

Surprise dashed across his features and Denna hurried to sit up. She cried out as pain radiated through her skull. Then darkness followed.