Dragon Sent
contains "The Wicked Deed" and "Redemption." "The Wicked Deed" - To save her twin sister from a sorcerer's curse, Xerri must betray the dragon that trusts her to find the cure. "Redemption" - Xerri goes on a dragon sent redemption quest to clear her soul of her wicked deed.

Far and Away:
an anthology of flash fiction and poems *ebook only*


Amythist Dreams
contains "Dalamar's Quest," "The Hunt," and "The Final Goodbye." "Dalamar's Quest" - Sorcerer Dalamar Shola and his apprentice, Amythist Dyier, investigate new magic in Ancient Egypt. "The Hunt" - Amythist wants revenge, even if it means going to the demon realm to fulfill it. "The Final Goodbye" - Will Amythist be able to say goodbye to her truest love?