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After spending three years developing our Careers to Education curriculum, I felt like it was something that was ready to be shared with others.  I attended the Madison National Careers Conference my first two years, and I knew that the third year it was my turn to submit a presentation.  It was accepted, and I took the show on the road!  The response I received from the standing-room-only room was amazing!  Educators who attended were looking for ways to bring careers education to their middle school students, and many of them left feeling like it was a manageable task.

One of my favorite places to present is the regional Project CRISS conference.  I've gotten to know quite a few faces at these, and it's always nice to learn from my fellow trainers.  This conference presentation (on refreshing staff after the initual Level 1 Training) was the second (and third, as I traveled to Florida to make the presentation a second time) one I had made for a regional conference, and I was proud to say that Dr. Carol Santa, the founder of Project CRISS was called in from another conference presentation by her husband to come see me make this presentation.  During a group activity she actually stopped me and introduced herself, telling me how much she was enjoying the presentation!  To be commended by the founder of the organization was a huge honor for me.  To this day, I still keep in contact with Dr. Santa, as we continue our journeys of learning. 
Project CRISS
During the 2007-2008 school year I was released 1/4 of the year to deliver professional development as our middle school Project CRISS District Trainer.  Part of this job required me to reach out to nearly 300 staff members with updates on the CRISS initiative in District 129.  A monthly newsletter was the best way I felt I would be able to accomplish this task.  The newsletter contained updates on the initiative, a highlighted story, and then a principle of the month with ideas on how to include this principle into daily lessons.
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