About Me

Golden Apple
My name is Heather Lambert.  I am a native of Aurora, Illinois, where I currently reside with my husband and two children.  When I graduated from West Aurora High School, my goal was to become a math teacher.  I had a math teacher in high school who was particularly inspirational, and my goal was to be like him. I made it through one semester of college calculus and dropped that major pretty quickly! 
    I changed my major several times after that.  I studied piano and voice and eventually settled on a degree in elementary education.  During this time I realized how much I enjoyed politics and government, but my political science professor advised me against a political science minor.  What does an elementary teacher do with that?  Well, his suggestion was to minor in history, which I did and loved it!
    Through my clinicals, I had also realized that I really enjoyed working with middle schoolers, so my new goal was to land a job as an 8th grade social studies teacher.  Yeah, me and half of my graduating classmates!  I tried for 10 years, but with my multiple endorsements (language arts, social studies, and science), what a waste it seemed to have me teach just one subject!  So I gained experience teaching a variety of things.
    By my tenth year of teaching I was ready to move on.  I had some experience with professional development, and I kind of liked it.  To take me to another level in that field, I decided to pursue a degree in reading and gain my reading specialist certificate, which I did in 2008 (two weeks before I gave birth to our son).  After that I moved into a position as an 8th grade reading intervention teacher and offered an adjunct faculty position at Olivet University.  Two years later I was offered a job as the middle school reading specialist at Herget Middle School.
    Since then I have continued my education in a line that moves with reading - instructional technology, with a library media endorsement.  I graduated in December, 2012, and I will take my certification test to add that endorsement onto my K-12 certificate! 
    I often will speak to students in education programs who will ask the generic question, "What is your philosophy of education?"  Over the years I have learned one thing about teaching.  My philosophy is that you must change your philosophy to fit your students.