Hi!  I'm Heather Lambert!  Welcome to my web-based portfolio!  The fact that you dropped by is exciting!
The purpose of this portfolio is to showcase my strengths as a student, educator, professional developer, and writer.  Those who know me understand that I wear a variety of hats throughout the day, and the artifacts linked here are the best of the best of the hats that I wear. 
From this page you will learn a little about how my family contributes to my success, what work I have done as a student in both my program in instructional technology as well as reading instruction, how my experience across the curriculum in the middle school has rounded me as an educator, what experiences I have had as a professional developer and how those experiences have contributed to my success in my current location, and how all of these experiences have contributed to my hobby as a writer.
Feel free to browse, download my resume, or send me an email.  Also, feel free to browse my blog or follow my Twitter.  I look forward to our future dialogue.