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Heather, founder of Heather Hills Media is currently writing fanfictions for "The Chronicles of Narnia" and "Lord of the Rings", as well as original stories that are totally epic (maybe). And she is also on www.youtube.com under the name: narniagirl11. Enjoy our these stories!

Unnatural Food
Drawings in the Dirt

Born For This

Coming soon!
Doctor Pevensie's Dictation

About the Author

        Heather, creator of Heather Hills Media, is fifteen years old and has been a fan of Narnia for as long as she can remember. Her interests include writing, drawing, singing, acting, public speaking, and showing her dog, Ranger. She is a five-year member of her local 4-H Club, the Leaf River Soaring Eagles, where she serves as Secretary and chairs many committees. Heather loves hanging out with her siblings and her friends. She and her seven friends have dubbed themselves “the Seven Friends of Narnia.” When asked if she will continue to pursue writing, Heather answers, “Writing is my hobby. It’s kind of an escape from the real world. But my heart lies in missions and children’s ministry. I don’t know where God will lead me, but I’m willing to follow His plan for my life!”