Heather Schulte's

Freelance Writing


About the Author:

Heather Schulte is a prolific freelance writer based in the Midwest. She writes web content for a variety of publications such as Suite101, eHow, Life123 and she is the Alternative Medicine Examiner for the Kansas City Area.

Schulte’s writing is heavily focused on the use of herbs in cooking,  personal care products, and herbal medicine. She also writes about organic gardening, parenting children with down syndrome, working from home, taxes and computers.

When she is not freelancing from home, Schulte works as a part-time information technology professional for the State of Kansas. Schulte has a Bachelors of Science in Business with dual majors in Accounting and Computer Information Systems. Schulte has an employment background in general accounting, tax audit and computer programming. Schulte has also dabbled in several freelance projects from home over the past 7 years.

Much of the inspiration behind Schulte’s writing and her love of gardening come from her family. Schulte is a mother of four boys, ranging in age from 20 to 8. Her oldest two boys are currently attending college. Her youngest son, whom is 8-years-old, was adopted from foster care and has Down Syndrome. It is a condition he shares with Schulte’s 9-year old biological child who also has Down Syndrome. In caring for the special needs of her youngest two children, Schulte developed a special interest in healthy foods. She sees what a difference a healthy diet makes in their daily lives. She admits to being a health food nut.

Inspired by a passion for whole organic foods, Schulte prefers growing most of her own food and making and selling natural herbal products on Etsy.com. Schulte is an avid nature lover and ardent environmentalist. In addition to growing food, she loves to forage for wild fruits, herbs, nuts and berries.

You can contact Heather Schulte through Facebook or Twitter, she enjoys comments and feedback on her writing and networking with other writers.