Lemon Spaghetti

Lemon Spaghetti

Yield: 1 serving

Level: Super Easy

Total Time: ~35 minutes


Materials Needed:

-        Frying pan

-        Spatula

-        Plate



§  a handful of cooked spaghetti (or any pasta noodle)

§  3-5 tablespoons olive oil

§  2 teaspoons minced garlic

§  some veggies (peas, broccoli -- I used some random veggie in my fridge)

§  some meat (sausage, ham, etc --I used hotdog and a balogna)

§  1/2 lemon juice

§  1 large egg

§  salt

§  paper



1.      Have your cooked pasta ready, if not, cook according to package.

2.      Heat frying pan with olive oil and minced garlic.

3.      After the pan is hot, add your vegetables and/or meat and cook until warm.  Stirring every so often.

4.      Add the spaghetti and stir it around to incorporate everything.

5.      Then, add the juice from 1/2 of a lemon and stir.

6.      Crack the egg over the noodles, letting the egg cook, while mixing all the ingredients around once in awhile.

7.      Add salt and pepper to taste.

8.      Place everything in a dish and serve warm.



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Adapted from Joy the Baker