Welcome! Thank you for visiting my page :) I have started this project as it was a good idea for my senior project, but it has turned into something bigger than that. My goal is to get in touch with a horse rescue in California, and go out there to buy up to 15 horses from a kill pen. After they are bought they would need to be thoroughly evaluated by a veterinarian and tested for coggins, etc. If the horses are approved they will be shipped to Oahu and rehabilitated by myself and other volunteers. Once the horses are healthy, they will be put up for adoption. The only way that this is going to be possible is through donations and sponsors for the horses. Donations to get this project up and running would be greatly appreciated, and they can be accepted through the paypal button below. Thank you for taking the time to read this! Even the smallest donation could make the biggest difference in a horses life <3

About the kill pens:
Kill pens are holding areas in livestock auctions where horses are brought and sold to buyers who end up bringing the horses to slaughter houses in either Canada or Mexico. The horses in the pens are often a result of someone in financial trouble trying to find a quick solution to their problems, and if you have a horse, it can get expensive. So the horses are brought to the auctions, where they are underfed and treated with utmost cruelty. After they are purchased they are taken on a long ride to the slaughter house, this ride is often in the scorching heat and the horses get little to no food or water. Then, these horses are unloaded from the trucks and sent off to their demise. It is a long cruel journey that some of the sweetest horses will have to face. But there is a way to stop it, and that is by helping to save the horses in the auctions, or if you know someone who needs to get rid of their horse fast. Talk to them about other options, such as giving them to the ASPCA or other animal rescues.