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Heart of Texas Nurse Practitioners:


Nearly 30 years, and still going strong!!! 
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organization was founded
around the Spring of 1995.

Charter members of the HOT Nurse Practitioner in 1995 (as best we can remember): 
Gretchen Culbert, Shannon Drew, Kathy Jordan, Sharon Moore, Pam Tyler, Enid Waldrip, and Paulette Whitfield from Scott and White Temple, Ben Darnell from the Temple VA, and Lucinda Gersbach from what was Wilson Art 
(LOL, we are talking about ancient history,
even from those of us from Temple).
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We elected to name the group Heart of Texas Nurse Practitioners. Later, we found HOT NP.s to be a nice acronym. We wrote the group by- laws. Pam Tyler was elected president. Shannon Drew was elected secretary/treasurer. Shannon was able to set up the group’s banking account, and after the first year suggested changing her office into two separate units due to heavy workload. Just about every charter member over the next several years served as an officer of the HOT NP group. Usually everyone volunteered to take an office. A few years after starting the group, at one of the meetings there was even discussion about merging the group with our friends, NPs in Waco. After some discussion, it was voted to continue with the group. Looking at the large membership now, 
and what we have accomplished, 
we are glad the decision was made to continue with the Heart of Texas Nurse Practitioners.
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Connie, NP. Secretary
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