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                              The heavens declare the glory of God;
                          and the firmament sheweth his handy  work. 
                                                  Psalms 19:1 K.J.V.

       Welcome to my Christian Inspirational poetry website!
I am known on the web as Brother Bob!  
      Poetry you will read here is written for the glory of God!
So, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

                                                       IN HIS SERVICE,
                                                        ~Brother Bob~

                                                  MISSION STATEMENT

My mission in life shall be as follows:  I will endeavor to rise each day with a prayer on my lips and a song in my heart!  I will do my best with the help of Almighty God to treat all His children the same, regardless of race, creed, or station in life.  How could I do less?  Jesus came with the specific purpose to seek and to save the lost!  He is my example and they are my Sisters and Brothers.
During the blizzard of 1978, some very special people came into the lives of the congregation of Dryden Road Pentecostal Church, Dayton, Ohio!  That is when Brother Bennie and Sister Jane Sutherland, our pastor and his precious wife came to us from Bedford, Indiana!  I wrote the following poem several years ago.  So, I changed the time to 40 years.  That is for the record.  lol.


Robert F. Dotson ©2018

Time goes by so very fast.

Forty years have now past,

Since Brother Bennie and Sister Jane first came.

Ah, God knew Dryden Road's great need,

So he sent our pastor to lead,

And our lives have never been the same.

When our families needed prayer,

Brother Bennie and Sister Jane were always there,

Interceding to God for our need.

And now that our children are grown,

With kids of their own,

They remain fine examples, indeed!

Down through the years,

They have helped calm our fears,

While sharing our grief and sorrows.

Their Godly influence, of course,

Has been a stabilizing force,

As we approached uncertain tomorrows.

Yes, we've faced stormy weather,

And laughed and cried together,

As we traveled along life's way.

Ah, precious times have been many,

Shared with Sister Jane, Brother Bennie,

And their children, Richie and Renae.

They're like family, you know,

And with the years the feelings grow,

We can't picture not having them near.

So, dear Lord if it be your will,

May they remain with us still,

Until You come to take us from here!



By Robert F. Dotson©2018

As the old preacher's family gathered around,

He motioned with his hand!

He said, "I just received a message,”

Straight from "The Promised Land!"

"Its contents were urgent,”

For it came from our God's throne!"

"You see, today I'll be leaving,”

For a mansion of my own!"

"With my lamp all trimmed and burning,”

And my garment spotless white,"

"My soul is constantly yearning,”

Just to take that final flight!"

Then, for a while he was silent,

As his mind went back to the day,

When as a young boy of seven,

He'd knelt at the altar to pray!

Right then and there, he made a vow to God,

To follow in His will!

And at the age of eighty-seven,

He was following still!

Friend, at the age of sixteen,

God had called him to preach,

And he spent the rest of his life,

Trying lost souls to reach!

His wife from the days of her youth,

Had lived Holiness to the letter!"

He could have searched the world over,

And never found anyone better!

They worked so very closely together,

Just "Like a hand in a glove!"

God had smiled upon their marriage

And blessed it with His love!

They were blessed with four children,

Who were Christians one and all!

Like their father before them,

Two had accepted the Master's call!

This preacher's life had been fulfilling,

For he had labored well!

Many souls had been rescued,

From the awful horrors of hell!

Suddenly, he came back to himself,

As he heard the Master's voice!

Someone close by heard him saying,

"My soul it does rejoice!"

"What is that I hear?"

"Is it the sound of angel's wings,"

"And the Hallelujah chorus,”

Being played on golden strings?"

Then, with a smile upon his face,

He took the Savior's hand!

For it was departure time!

Destination:The Promised Land!


It is easy to get discouraged and feel like there is no use to try again.  However, this is not true.  Some of the greatest of people's accomplishments came about when they kept trying again and again!  So, my precious friend, if you are thinking of giving up, please don't do it.  God will help you if you will just call on His name!


By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Does the way seem dreary,

As you run this Christian race?

Have you grown tired and weary,

Trying to keep up the pace?

Having fallen has satan convinced you,

That it’s impossible to win?

My friend, it’s not true.

Get up and try again.

In the great bout of life,

Have you lost a round or two?

Amidst the toil and strife,

Have you wondered what to do?

Do you feel like a loser, Friend?

Have you “taken it on the chin?”

Remember this is not the end.

Get up and try again!

Like an eagle have you soared,

To heavenly heights?

Has your fellowship with the Lord,

Brought you indescribable delights?

Do you long within your heart,

To have victory over sin?

If you want a brand new start,

Get up and try again!


I hope you won't mind another personal poem.  But, I was talking on the phone to my cousin Arnold who spends half his time in Florida.  We were reminiscing as we often do.  It reminded me of a poem I had written a several years back "AND THEN THERE WERE TWO."  I want to share this poem with you, my friends.


Robert F. Dotson © 2017

We were the Musketeers three,

Arnold, Charlie, and me!

We were close as brothers in many ways!

We were "as thick as thieves" back then,

Before we cousins became men,

Way back in the "good old days!"

We were just typical lads.

We weren't all that bad.

We'd just do things mischievous boys do!

We liked to have fun!

But, some of the things that were done,

I'm glad Grandpa Stitt never knew!

I remember even now,

How we would ride Grandpa's cow!

That was just one of the things we'd do.

We would also make trips,

To take a couple of sips,

Of Grandpa's apple cider brew!

On Sunday afternoons we might slip,

Off to Johnson creek to "take a dip, "

Although I wasn't supposed to go!

But, it sure was fun,

And when all was said and done,

I guess that's why I enjoyed it so!

Ah, but the years quickly flew by,

And Arnold, Charlie, and I,

All married and our ways began to part!

Each one of us "settled down!"

I moved to a far away town!

But, fond memories linger in my heart.

Recently, Charlie passed away,

And they laid him 'neath the cold Kentucky clay,

In a graveyard surrounded by our kin.

Now there's only Arnold and me,

Of the Musketeers A, B, and C.

But, in Heaven I hope we three will meet again!

Friend, the requirements for Heaven are the same,

No matter our name,

Or who happens to be our kin!

To Calvary we must go,

And one dip 'neath the crimson flow,

              Will wash away each and every sin!

On the eve of my 76th birthday I thought it would be fun to share a poem I wrote a few years back poking fun at myself.  Lol.  There is a also a "moral to the story" so to speak.  My apologies to anyone who has enjoyed this poem already.


I'm tempted to stare,

As I comb the thinning hair,

Of the man in the mirror.

What seems to be so out of place,

Are the lines in the face,

Of the man in the mirror!

His face is no longer thin,

And there's a double chin,

On the man in the mirror!

Ah, it's getting easier for folks to tell,

He can't hear so well,

The man in the mirror!

And even worse yet,

He's so prone to forget,

The man in the mirror!

It's becoming increasingly hard to see,

The resemblance between me,

And the man in the mirror!

Oh, how I would like to deny,

I even know that guy,

The man in the mirror!

You see, I know I'm growing old,

But, I don't like to be told,

By the man in the mirror!

But even though I pretend,

The aging process won't end,

For the man in the mirror!

The truth is impossible to hide,

I know deep down inside,

I'm the man in the mirror!

So, I know what I must do,

In order to be true,

To the man in the mirror!

I'll live each day by God's Holy Book,

So I won't have to be ashamed to look,

At the man in the mirror!

Robert F. Dotson © 2017

The following poem is one of my "story" poems!   When I write them I can almost see the characters.  I hope it will have the same effect on you dear reader.


Roy pressed his face against the window pane,

And watched the snow and freezing rain,

Quickly falling down outside.

He sure wished the grief would go away,

For it had been one year today,

Since his father had died.

Roy knew his having to stay inside,

Would make it difficult to hide,

His feelings from his sister and brother.

The kids had grown close over the years,

Some folks called them “The Three Musketeers.”

Wherever you saw one you usually saw the others.

Their mom worked the night shift,

And as the snow continued to drift,

Roy knew what he must do.

The weather would shut transportation down.

So, Mom would likely have to stay over in town.

Therefore, he must watch after the other two.

While trying to keep a straight face,

Roy took his place,

Beside the others sitting near the fire.

Dad built the fireplace, carefully placing each stone.

Each family member had chosen a stone of their own,

Which Dad placed at any location they would desire!

The mantle above the fireplace which was made of oak,

Had the appearance of being made with just one stroke.

It clearly was a work of art!

Roy felt a twinge of pain,

As once more he admired the beautiful stain.

The fireplace was so dear to his heart.

It had been a family project applying the stain,

And the beauty of the grain,

Was evident when the lacquer was dry.

Beholding this beautiful sight,

On this certain night,

Was enough to make Roy cry.

Ah, but he knew all along,

He would have to be strong,

After his dad passed away.

Roy knew the others were hurting too.

If only there was something he could do,

However, he couldn’t seem to find the right words to say.

Suddenly, he was startled by a loud ring.

Somehow, he knew the message it would bring.

But, he quickly raced to get the phone.

It was Mom on the other end of the line.

Roy assured her they all were fine.

However, she apologized for having to leave them alone.

Then, after the whole family said their goodbyes,

Roy noticed tears in his sibling’s eyes.

So, he embraced them saying, “Let’s go to bed.”

When he had tucked them in for the night,

And turned out the light,

He remembered the words Dad had always said.

He said, “Son, when your back is to the wall,”

You’ve got to stand tall,”

And a man is always tallest on his knees!”

So, Roy knelt at a nearby chair,

And spoke this simple prayer,

Lord, would you help me please?”

Then, big tears began to roll,

And Roy felt within his soul,

Such a wonderful sweet release!

Then, as he wiped away each tear,

For the first time in a year,

He felt a deep settled peace!

After Roy turned out his light,

He peered out into the night,

And suddenly He felt no cause for alarm!

Even in his storm tossed soul,

The billows ceased to roll,

And he felt safe and shelte

red from all harm!

Before Roy drifted off to sleep,

He asked the Lord to safely keep,

Himself, Mandy, and Steve!

And even years later in his life,

Through lots of trouble and strife,

He always remembered that certain Christmas Eve!

Robert F. Dotson © 2017



Robert F. Dotson © 2017

As a lad I first heard the story,

Of how Jesus came down from Glory,

To take on himself the form of man.

On that most blessed day,

In a manger He lay.

This was the first step,

In God’s redemption plan!

Ah, heaven kissed the earth,

When Mary the virgin gave birth,

To Jesus, the King of Kings!

No matter how often the story is told,

It will never grow old.

Oh, what peace to my heart it brings!

So, tell the story once again,

Of how those three wise men,

Follow the shining star.

And tell how shepherds hear angels sing,

And the joy it brings,

When they come to where Mary,

Joseph, and Jesus are!

This Christmas let’s spread the word.

To those who have not heard,

The mention of His precious name!

We must never refuse,

To tell the good news,

For they are the reason why He came!


James 4:14
Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. 


Proverbs 27:17

I shall treasure for many a year,

Is the remains of a beautiful rose.

I have placed it in a book,

So I can take a look,

When the need to reminisce grows.

Like the deceased friend whom I knew,

This rose also lived and grew,

Spreading its fragrance all around.

Ah, but now its beauty is gone away,

While beneath the cold, cold, clay,

My friend's remains await Gabriel's trumpet sound!

Ah, yes my life has an empty space,

For I long to see his face.

Oh, there's a hurt time can only attempt to mend.

Eventually, the memory of my friend may dim.

But, each time I think of him,

I'll thank God for such a precious friend!

I can hardly wait,

To enter Heaven's gate,

And see all the saints dressed in white array!

Thank God death is not the end!

Soon I shall see my precious friend,

In that Land of Never Ending Day!

Robert F. Dotson © 2017



Robert F. Dotson © 2017

There isn’t a doubt,
I love to “shout!”

But, that's not the only way,
I want to be known!
I cherish writing!
It’s truly exciting!
God has blessed me,
And my ministry has grown!
Occasionally I write a song,
And the melody comes along!
God has blessed me in so many ways!
I truly love,
To do all of the above!
So that I can give my Savior praise!
Oh, I may aspire,
To climb up higher,
On the Heavenly plane!
But, if I don’t “walk the walk,”
As well as “talk the talk,”
My efforts will have been in vain!
I must be careful with the kind,
Of legacy I leave behind!
For others will follow the path I trod!
They must not be lead astray!
Then they can easily find the way,
That leads to home and God!


Sometimes I write a poem which is rather funny and yet has a whole lot of truth in it.  The following poem, "LIFE IN THE FAST LANE!" is a prime example.  I hope you enjoy it.


By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

At the start of my day,

I kneel and pray,

Attempting God's favor to gain!

I “wouldn't have a prayer,”

If I went out there,

Without His protection in “the fast lane.”

There aren't enough hours in the day,

To get all of my work done.

Then, time flies “like a weaver's shuttle,”

When I am having fun.

But, it does no good to complain.

Such is life in “the fast lane.”

As soon as I pay my bills,

They are back again.

It seems like to me,

They just keep rolling in.

Ah, but I'm not one,

To “raise Cain.”

I just pay them and keep going,

In “the fast lane.”

They tell me when I was born,

I began to die.

Life sure is short,

From one's “first cry.”

It is just like riding,

A runaway train.

I guess that's why they call it,

The fast lane.”

There is a world full of folks,

Running to and fro.

Quite often I wonder,

Just where they all go.

They are busy night and day,

Come sunshine or rain.

Life is sure a merry-go-round,

In “the fast lane.”

I guess it would be nice,

To move from town,

And find a little place in the country,

To settle down.

From hurrying and scurrying,

I could refrain.

Ah, but I've become so accustomed,

To the old “fast lane.”

Dear precious Lord,

When it comes my “time to go,”

No doubt I'll be in the fast lane,

Just moving slow.

I'll be grimacing and complaining,

About every ache and pain.

So, I'll be glad to see You coming,

For me in “the fast lane!”



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Friend, are you weary traveling life's road?

Are you trying alone to carry sin's load?

Have you slowly sunk into deepest despair,

Wondering to yourself, “Does anyone care?”

Have troubles and trials and constant fear,

Caused your joy to completely disappear?

Are you confused and do you often find,

Depressing thoughts clouding your mind?

When you lie down on your bed at night,

Do you often wish for the morning light,

Only to find throughout your day,

Inside you are feeling the very same way?

Does your “trying to turn over a new leaf,”

Only cause added frustration and grief?

Do you find yourself going to a great length,

Defending habits which are sapping your strength?

Do you feel like you're living beneath a dark cloud?

Are you desperately lonely even in a crowd?

Do you have questions with no answers in sight?

Is your life full of darkness without any light?

Are you constantly reminded of sins in your youth?

Have you tried everything in search of the truth?

Do you want to be able to look yourself in the face?

Have you ever heard of God's amazing grace?

Could I tell you of Someone I have found,

Who can turn your life completely around?

His name is Jesus, my Savior and Friend!

On Him I have found I can always depend!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

God's love was the key,

That unlocked my prison door!

Christ's blood let this captive go free!

Now my liberated soul,

Like a mighty eagle can soar,

Since God's love by His grace lifted me!

I was so lost and undone,

On the highway to hell.

No hope for my future could I sere.

Then, Jesus made me His own,

And He treats me so well.

Now, I'm happy as happy can be!

So, dear friend if you're bothered,

With sin and strife,

And you long for sweet peace in your soul,

Well I know the Answer to the problems of life!

On Jesus every burden you can roll!

God will give you strength for today,

And new hope for tomorrow!

He will wipe all your tears away!

My Lord will give you joy for your sorrow,

If to Him you will humbly pray!

Yes, the future may look bleak,

As storm clouds arise.

But, dear friend be of good cheer,

For His ears are attentive,

To the smallest of cries,

And God's love casts out every tear!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Jesus told the parable of workers,

Returning from the field,

Who had patiently labored,

To gather the yield.

Many had faithfully toiled,

Through the heat of the day.

Others had "hired on,"

Along the way.

Each laborer had the same desire.

It was to save the precious sheaves,

 From the devastating fire!

When their labor had ended,

They stood before the Lord,

To receive their final reward!

Although many had worked,

 The entire day,

All were given the same pay!

Some of them questioned

 How this could be fair.

Had "the eleventh hour workers,"

Actually done their share?

But, Jesus had this to say,

"Each laborer will receive the same pay!"

Yes, though some started working,

Near the day's end,

They all received the same pay,

My friend!

The Master had gone throughout the day,

And found those who were idle along the way.

To each and every one of them,

The promise from our Lord,

Was that they would receive,

The very same reward.

This parable brings "our day" to mind,

Workers in God's harvest are hard to find.

We must go out in the world of sin,

And do our best to bring them in.

To both young and old,

The instructions are the same,

Whatever they do,

It must be done in our Lord's name!

Some of our elders,

Have labored for years,

Sowing precious seed,

And watering it with their tears!

Now, new workers are need,

To help carry the load. 

You see we are fast approaching,

"The end of the road."

Behold, the increase is great in the field,

So we must go forth to gather the yield!

Let's all band together,

And do our fair share!

There is a growing need,

For fasting and prayer.

Soon, we shall hear our lord say,

"Come my children, it is pay day!"

Then, we too will stand before the Lord,

To receive a well deserved reward!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

In this age of strong delusion,

The truth is often hard to find.

Many times doubts and confusion,

Will cloud our troubled minds.

All around us folks are dying.

People's hearts are failing because of fear.

We now hear God's preachers crying,

"Folks, the last days are here!”

In God's blessed Holy Word,

Penned by anointed prophets of old,

As they were by God's Spirit stirred,

These last days they foretold.

It is an age of toil and trouble.

There is strife on every hand.

Man made kingdoms lie in the rubble,

For God proclaimed they would not stand.

This old world is seething with hate.

The love of many is growing cold.

Yes, the hour is growing late.

Yet the wicked are still bold.

Many sins that were unheard of,

Are now “the toast of the town.”

There are new definitions for love,

As our country's morals plummet down.

But, we Christians have joy in knowing,

Deep down within our hearts,

That once Gabriel's trumpet starts blowing,

We'll be gone ere tribulation starts!

We shall leave behind all dangers,

As we head for our heavenly home!

There we'll not be pilgrims and strangers,

And we'll never desire to roam!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Who created the heavens and the Earth,

And all that is therein,

Placed Earth in space,

And caused it to spin,

Then, decided that time would begin?

It was God!

Who made Adam and Eve, his wife,

Breathed into them the breath of life,

And placed them in a garden,

Free from strife?

It was God!

But, once sin entered Eden it exacted its price,

And fig leaves for a covering would not suffice.

So, who performed the first animal sacrifice?

It was God!

Who does the Bible say,

Walked with Enoch every day,

And loved him so dearly He took him away?

It was God!

Who saw that the world was a wicked place,

Yet extended to Noah and his family needed grace,

While destroying the rest of the human race?

It was God!

Who was the Friend of Abraham?

He was also known as the Great I Am,

And the Father of Jesus, Calvary's Lamb!

It was God!

Who delivered Israel from under Pharaoh's hand,

Leading them across waters and desert sand,

All the way into Canaan's Land?

It was God!

Who told Joshua and Israel to go,

March seven times around Jericho,

Then to shout and let the trumpets blow?

It was God!

Who watched with pleasure the seventh time around,

As the trumpets and shouting made a horrendous sound,

And Israeel marched forward on level ground?

It was God!

Who gave David the talent to play and sing,

Helped him slay Goliath with a stone and sling,

Then later made him Israel's king?

It was God!

The old King said, “Are my eyes deceiving me?”

Didn't we cast in the Hebrews three?”

Then Who could the fourth man in the fire be?”

It was God!

Who delivered Daniel from the lion's den,

Made him an example for all men,

And gave him visions of Christ coming again?

It was God!

Who sent His only Son to die,

To save lowly sinners such as you and I?

The countless “blood bought” millions cry,

It was God!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

As I gaze into the sky,

I am reminded that I,

Am unworthy and so small.

Yet, God Who formed the stars,

Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars,

Made me part of it all!

God made first,

The whole universe!

Then, later He created man!

But, though a flower or a tree,

May be beautiful to see,

They cannot worship God like I can!

Friend, God up higher,

Had a desire,

To be worshiped and adored.

So, with love He made man,

And through salvation's plan,

We may reverently call Him “Lord!”

You see, each one of us was given the right,

To choose darkness or light.

To choose to remain in bondage or to go free!

Through the death of Jesus, God's Son,

Redemption's work was done!

Say friend, what will your choice be?



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

I have a faithful and loving wife,

Children and grandchildren I adore,

And the precious presence of God in my life!

How could I ask for more?

My daily needs my Lord supplies,

From Heaven's bountiful store!

My soul He completely satisfies!

How could I ask for more?

Although sometimes I feel “down,”

And wonder what I'm living for,

The Lord trades me a smile for a frown!

How could I ask for more?

At times “the way out” is hard to find.

Then, Jesus becomes “the Open Door!”

Through Him I have peace of mind!

How could I ask for more?

My Lord has gone to prepare me a place,

On Heaven's beautiful shore!

Soon I shall see His blessed face!

How could I ask for more?

Through eternity I shall ever be,

With loved ones who have “gone on before!”

In that city up there,

I'll be free from all care!

How could I ask for more?

Friend, when I count my blessings,

I have a lot to be thankful for!

All of this and Heaven too!

How could I ask for more?



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

As I stand atop the mountain overlooking the sea,

With beautiful flowers growing at my feet,

I view the beauty below me,

Sending up a fragrance so delicately sweet!

I hear a choir of birds with melodious voice,

And my heart feels a peace it has seldom known,

They seem to say to me, "Rejoice!" "Rejoice!"

For all traces of doubt and fear have flown!

I feel so rested and worry free,

As my lungs capture the mountain air,

I wonder if this is really happening to me!

So, I breathe to God this silent prayer!

Lord, You have brought me a mighty long way,

Placing Your Holy Spirit inside!

Now, in the place I am today!

He makes all the anxious feelings subside!

That valley was about to get the best of me.

Yet you helped me in so many ways,

The light at the end of the tunnel was hard to see!

But, now I'm through those difficult days!

My cheery smile was replaced by a frown,

I worried, fretted and cried.

And though I let the problems of life get me down.

You never even once left my side!

Lord, I didn't always understand,

It seemed I had more trouble than my share.

Yet You helped me with an outstretched hand!

You always know how much each soul can bear,

Even though a new trial may take shape,

And I must return to the valley below,

You will provide a means of escape!

When it comes my time to go.



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Brother, I don't mean to pry.

But, lately you have seemed blue.

We are fellow soldiers, you and I.

So, I wonder what's bothering you.

It seems to be getting very hard,

To muster up a grin,

So those around you,

Won't notice “the valley” you are in.

Do you feel that whatever you do,

Just is not enough?

Is life's road beneath your feet,

Getting very rough?

Beware of old Satan.

He will use his magnifying glass,

To make life's obstacles,

Seem impossible to pass.

But, our wonderful Friend Jesus,

Will help you bear the load!

He will always go before you,

And smooth out life's road!

I really value your friendship, you see,

I remember the many times,

You have prayed for me!

I know just what you're going through.

For I've been there several times too.

So, I just wanted you to know,

I continue to pray,

Calling out your name,

Each and every day!

Love for Jesus,

Is definitely something we share!

We have found on Him,

We can roll our every care!

You see, when “we are in Him,”

We are on common ground!

Through Him sweet peace is found!

Our Jesus is a Friend we can always trust!

But, putting Him first is definitely a must.

Friend, you have been a blessing,

To your Sisters and Brothers,

And a great help to many others!

So, “keep your chin up,”

And remember, Son,

God has well equipped you,

For the job to be done!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Life is a roller coaster,

Or so it often seems,

For just a change in altitude,

Can shatter all our dreams.

Though we may long for sunshine,

Storm clouds hover o’er.

In desperation we often cry,

I can’t take it any more.”

The heavens seem to be made of brass.

So, our prayers cannot get through.

God, our Father seems so far away,

And we wonder what we’re going to do.

Our friends don’t understand us.

They think we’re quite insane.

They “turn a deaf ear to us.”

They don’t want to hear about our pain.

Then, just as things start getting worse,

We feel God’s presence near!

He says, “Oh, ye of little faith,”

I’ve always been right here!”

In your weakness I am made strong!”

So, in this fiery trial,”

I’ll be the One you can lean on,”

Each long and weary mile!”


Children, God's Special Gift!

By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Children are the most precious gifts,

 To us, God has given!

Unless we become as one of them,

 We will not enter Heaven!

There is nothing more dear,

 Than an innocent little boy or girl!

Friend, that sweet innocence can't be bought,

 With all the gold in this world.

Children are so trusting! 

 They think no evil of anyone.

This is a true attribute,

 Of Jesus, God's only Son!

Jesus blessed the little children,

 As He held them on His knee!

"He said "Suffer the little children,"

 "And forbid them not to come unto me!"

It has been said that children, 

Are our most precious natural resource.

To this statement,

 I give a resounding, "Of course!"

Do you remember the first time,

 You saw your little boy or girl?

You stood there thinking, 

"This is the most precious sight in the world!"

As you stood there looking very intently,

The thought came into your mind, 

"The child resembles me!"

Then, you carefully counted,

 Each finger and each toe,

And you couldn't wait to tell them,

 How you loved them so!

Later on, as you held them,

 And looked down in their face,

You realized this "gift of God," 

Was only by His grace!

Friend, children are definitely,

 A gift from God above!

We only have them a little while,

 To support, train, and love.

There is not a more rewarding feeling,

 Than to take a baby in your arms,

Talk to them, "coo" to them, 

And shelter them from all harm!

Have you ever taken a little boy,

 Or girl upon your lap,

And have them fall asleep, 

Then, you lay them down for a nap?

Do you remember the first time,

 Your little ones began to crawl?

They got off to a slow start,

 But, they learned how after all!

Wasn't it great when they walked,

 For the first time?

And to think you helped them,

 Makes the feeling more sublime!

It brings us great joy,

 When they speak their first word!

Be it "Mommy" or "Daddy", 

It's the sweetest sound ever heard!

But, Friend they sure do,

 Grow up too fast.

It doesn't seem like any time,

 Until their childhood is past.

So, we must be faithful,

 While they are still young and pure,

To give them the "Godly values," 

That will long endure!

Then, when they are grown,

 And have "left the nest,"

We can rest assured with God's help,

 We have done our best!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

I heard the voice of Jesus say,

I will cleanse your every sin!”

Come unto Me.” "I am The Way!”

I’ll give you peace and joy within!”

But, I cried, “Dear Lord I am so blind.”

And Satan’s darts have pierced my soul.”

The way to you I cannot find.”

A sinful life has taken its toll.”

But, He said, “Dear child if you will believe,”

And fall down on your knees in prayer,”

By grace through faith you shall receive!”

I promise to meet you there!”

So, with a grateful heart I called on His name,

And with love he changed my night to day!

Now, I’m thankful for how my Savior came,

And placed me on the Narrow Way!


I found the following poem while going through the archives.  God has inspired me to write several poems!  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!


By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

"Oh God, place this earthen vessel,”

On Your potter's wheel," I cried.

"Mold me and make me!"

"Remove all foolish pride!"

"Thy hands on a willing vessel,"

Will its quality enhance!'"

"So, please make me over anew,”

"Oh God of another chance!'"

"Cleanse me from all iniquity."

"Make me whole and pure!"

"Place me upon the Solid Rock,”

That I may ever endure!"

"Hold me close to Thy bosom,”

As the waves around me roll."

"Thou art the Great Deliverer,

And Anchor of my soul!"

"Other vessels who once were Thine”

Now lie in a potter's field."

"They too were touched by the Potter's hand.

But they refused to yield."

"Now they are broken and useless,”

By the Potter cast away,"

"Awaiting Your final inspection,”

On God's Great Judgment Day."

"Lord, take Thy light of love,”

And let it brightly shine,"

"Into the dim lit corridors,”

Of this soul of mine!"

"Taking the oil of Thy Spirit,”

Anoint me Lord I pray!"

"Make all the dry spots disappear!"

"Jesus, have Thine own way!"

"Let my vessel be fully Thine,”

Holy and acceptable in Thy sight!"

"May there never be a flaw,”

When it's held up to Thy light!"

"My only desire is to be a vessel”

Fit for service to the Lord!"

"Then, when my pilgrimage has ended,”

I'll receive my Heavenly reward!"

And the vessel that he made was marred in the hand of the potter: So he

made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it.”

Jeremiah 18:4 KJV



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

In another part of our world today,

Orphaned children try to play,

In the rubble of a bombed out city square.

Their chances of being killed are higher,

With the approaching gunfire.

Death is a vivid part of living there.

There is never enough to eat.

Their home is a city street.

As a way of existing they must learn to steal.

Oh, the rules of war are mean.

The things they have heard and seen,

Have caused a mental wound time may never heal.

Ah, but their Heavenly Father above,

Is looking down with love,

And He doesn’t see as we see.

He knows each one of them by name,

And He cares for them all the same.

He said, “Suffer the little children,"

"To come unto Me!”

Some glorious day all wars shall cease.

There will be eternal joy and peace,

In the land of the Great I am!

With no thought of race or creed,

A little child shall lead,

And the lion shall lie down with the lamb!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

The portion of father’s goods,

That fell to me,

I took from his hand,

As my heart fluttered with glee!

I barely said,

A swift goodbye,

As I left his presence,

With my head held high.

I had obeyed his commands,

For much too long.

Now all I had on my mind,

Was wine, women, and song!

When I had bidden farewell,

To my mother earlier in the day,

Her face showed much pain,

And she had little to say.

But, she held me close to her,

As her eyes filled with tears.

That tender scene, my Friend,

Will haunt me for years.

Well, as long as I had money,

I was never without a friend.

But, once I’d wasted it all,

Our friendship came to an end.

Now I’m feeding hogs,

And it’s a disgraceful chore.

I sure don’t remember,

Ever being this hungry before.

Even the husks from the corn,

Look appealing to me.

A way out of this mess,

I certainly can’t see.

The stench from the hog pen,

Is making me feel sick.

One thing for sure,

I must do something quick.

I wasn’t meant to be a hog farmer,

This I surely know.

So, with my last bit of strength,

To my father I will go.

Father, I have sinned,”

To him I will say,

I’ll do all I can,”

My debt to repay.”

I’ve put my foolish pride,”

Up on a shelf.”

For back there in that hog pen,”

I finally came to myself.”

I’ll say, “Let me be your servant.”

I’m not worthy to be your son.”

I want to make amends,”

For the terrible things I’ve done.”

Ah, but my father is hugging and kissing me.

It is such a touching sight,

As he readily assures me,

That everything is all right!

Now I’m rejoicing!

I’m back where I belong!

I’ve peace in my soul,

And in my heart is a song!

As I see the welcoming smile,

On my father’s face,

I have finally learned,

The meaning of grace!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Often loving words are said,

After someone is dead.

However, it is entirely too late.

So, we need to say,

I love you,” today!

There is no time to hesitate.

Life is a vapor seasoned with sorrow.

We’re here today and gone tomorrow.

Time is swiftly passing us by.

And though grand plans are made,

Like a flower we will fade,

Wither, and eventually die.

So, Jesus’ teaching we must heed,

As we reach out to those in need.

His love will make a difference, you know!

When before God each one of us stands,

Will we have full or empty hands?

The difference will be in the seeds we sow!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

A troubled young man takes his own life,

Leaving behind a distraught wife.

In this world of sin and strife,

Is there no end to all the pain?

How does a soul reach such deep despair?

Did he feel there was no one to care?

Was God totally unaware?

Was it all in vain?

Oh, my friend I tell you nay.

Please listen when I say,

God is not pleased on the day,

A sinner dies.

Each member of Adam's race,

Has problems he must face.

But, he will receive amazing grace,

If to God He cries!

Our God is a refuge when the strong wind blows.

He places a teardrop on the blushing rose.

And when the sparrow falls He surely knows!

He does not fail to see!

Nothing is more valuable than man's soul!

And though time and tragedy may take their toll,

If on God our burdens we roll,

He will set us free!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

When in answer to Your call,

May I always give my all.

But, should I happen to stumble and fall,

Forgive me, Lord.

If I say something absurd,

Repeat some gossip I have heard,

Or even utter an unkind word,

Please forgive me, Lord.

If Your searchlight of love should find,

Evil thoughts in my mind,

Would You ever be so kind,

And forgive me, Lord?

As I journey on life’s road,

Headin’ for my eternal abode,

If I grumble about my load,

Forgive me, Lord.

If live brings me so much pain,

That I’m tempted to complain,

Help me to refrain,

And please forgive me, Lord.

In the darkness of the night,

When no help seems to be in sight,

If I should waver between wrong and right,

Forgive me, Lord.

If I’ve ever been to blame,

For causing any shame,

To Your Holy and Righteous name,

Please forgive me, Lord.



Robert F. Dotson © 2017

His disciples said, “Master, the sea is raging.”

Oh, how the waves dash so high.”

Soon, they'll come crashing down,”

And we'll surely drown.”

Carest Thou not that we die?”

Jesus said, “Oh, My fearful disciples,”

Of little faith are ye.”

He arose from where He lay,

And they heard Him firmly say,

Peace, be still” to the sea!

Then, they not longer feared the wind or the waves,

Or even the sea's angry roar,

For Jesus, their Captain was mighty to save!

He guided them safely to the other side!

Once in my life a mighty tempest was raging,

And it threatened to capsize my soul.

I didn't know which way to go.

I was overwhelmed by the sea billow's roll.

But, then I too heard the voice of my Master,

Saying, “Fear not child, come unto me!”

Then, it spite of the weather,

We joined together,

And we walked upon my troubled sea!

Now, I no longer fear the wind or the waves,

Or even the sea's angry roar,

For Jesus, my Captain is mighty to save!

He'll guide me safely to Heaven's shore!


First of all, I want to thank God for the liberties we still possess here in the good old U.S.A.  I am sorry to say that some people in our country would love to take our freedom of religion.  So, I said to myself, "I think a poem like A PAUPER BECOMES A PRINCE would be just right!  I hope you agree.


By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Shout it from the rooftops! 

 Tell it all around!

Jesus is the best Friend,

My soul has ever found!

For I was lost and dying, 

Sinking with no hope.

Satan had me blinded.

 All I could do was grope.

Then Jesus had pity on me,

 And threw out "the old lifeline!"

Ever since that wonderful happy day,

 Great joy has been mine!

The ragged garments of sin,

 That I clutched around me so tight,

Were traded to Jesus,

 For this new robe of white!

Then, the heavy fetters fell off,

 My hands and my feet!

My heart that was so burdened,

 Now has a new beat!

Gone from my soul,

 Is that terrible load of sin!

Now I have joy,

 And sweet peace within!

The desires I once had,

 Were stricken from my mind!

Now brand new strength,

 Through the "joy of the Lord" I find!

Friend, now I'm a new man! 

 The "old man" died that day!

Behold, all things are new! 

 Old things are gone away!

At the very moment,

 I made Jesus my choice,

Friend, all of Heaven,

 Stood to rejoice!

I, who once fed,

 On the "corn husks of sin,"

Am now daily provided,

 With "sweet manna" within!

Jesus anointed my eyes,

 That I might see more clearly,

The truths in His word,

 I now hold so dearly!

My whole conversation,

 And lifestyle have changed!

My life God has taken,

 And completely rearranged!

The old friends I once had,

 Know me no longer.

But, now I've a Christian family,

 With ties that are stronger!

Yes, I once was destitute,

 And had nothing to bring.

However, now through Jesus my Savior,

 I'm a child of the King!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

For one hundred and twenty years,

Brother Noah preached God’s word.

But, folks went on their merry way,

As if they had never heard.

For in their eyes this Holiness preacher,

Just ranted and raved.

So, when God sent final judgment,

Only Noah and his family were saved.

In our day, as clouds gather around us,

And the sky is growing dark,

We too must gather our families into God’s ark.

Even now the rain is falling,

 On this wicked world of sin.

Oh, God come to our rescue,

 And help us bring our children in.

Satan has made inroads in our homes,

And it’s breaking our hearts,

As the very fabric of our families,

 Is being torn apart.

Lord, help us as parents,

 To be faithful and true,

As we point the way to deliverance,

That only comes from You!

Our children have no time to waste.

A decision they must make.

The timing is critical,

For their eternal soul is at stake.

Oh God, we’re depending on Your promise,

That if we train them right,

One day we’ll live to see them,

Walking in the light!

I was doing some work around our home this morning and the following poem came to mind!  I wrote it back in 1997.  I loved Linda's mom and dad like they were my own.  They are both gone now.  But, they will live forever in my memory!

When Linda and I married, her family welcomed me with opened arms.

Her father and mother, Dugie and Catherine McKee treated me like one of their 

own. It remains the same today! In the thirty four years Linda and I have been

 married, I don't remember a harsh word being spoken between myself and my 


I learned from Dugie McKee that a man can be both strong and gentle. At eighty 

four years of age he mows five yards, raises his own garden, and does many other

 that a lot of younger men are not able to do!

Besides all of that, he helps give loving care to Catherine, who is In poor health.

Their marriage is an example of true love which has stood the test of time!

When I think of the many blessings that God has bestowed upon my life, right 

  near the top of the list are my in-laws, Dugle and Catherine McKee!

The following poem was the verse on a Father's Day card I did for Linda's dad

      a couple of years ago.


Robert F. Dotson © 2017

No little lass or lad,

Could have had a finer Dad,

And yet I didn't always see,

That amidst my childhood fears,

And through my hectic teenage years,

You were always there for me!

Though words can never say,

How much I love you today,

I'm going to give it a try.

I just wanted to let you know,

That you're still my hero,

And will be 'til the day I die!


Sunday will be a special day at our home!  First, we will attend church!  Then, our 2 sons and their families will come for a cook out!  We do that on Mother's Day and Father's Day!   They do the grilling and my Sweetie fixes all the trimmings!  I love my family!
I wrote the following poem about my father and our relationship.  I grew up in the "fifties."  In many ways it was a great time to be living.   Looking back on my life, I realize I made a lot of foolish mistakes.  However, thank God Jesus came to my rescue and made me a brand new man!


 Robert F. Dotson © 2017


                         In my mind's eye I can see him yet,

Wiping the sweat,

And holding on to the plow.

I learned from the start,

That if farming was an art,

My daddy sure knew how!

He tended the fields,

Producing the maximum yields.

Then, he gave the landowner half.

That's the way they would do.

Livestock was divided too,

Right down to a cow and her calf!

Daddy ruled our home with on iron hand,

Which was something I didn't understand,

And I still can't comprehend it all today.

But, to provide for us he wore his body out,

And without a doubt,

He must have loved us in his own way.

Back then "kids were to be seen and not heard!"

So, you had better not utter a sassy word,

Or you knew you would "get the belt!"

Yes, there were times when I sassed,

And the memories still last,

Of exactly how it felt!

With the assistance of the rod,

And a strong belief in God,

Daddy kept me,

"On the Straight and Narrow path!"

But, there came a day,

When I became old enough to stray,

And I subsequently suffered God's wrath!

However, when my days of roaming were done,

This prodigal son,

Returned to the God of his dad!

And though I had wandered in sin,

God and Daddy took me in,

And treated me like I never had!

Daddy died in Nineteen and Eighty Seven,

Thank God, he awaits me in Heaven,

In a mansion beside a golden street!

So, onward I trod,

Keeping my strong faith in God,

With the realization that one day we shall meet!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Come my friends and rejoice with me,

For this I surely know,

From my sins I've been set free!

My soul is as white as snow!

I've lost the passion for earthly things.

The old life has been left behind!

"How great Thou art, " my happy heart sings,

For I've found such peace of mind!

With mere words I could never explain,

This wonderful feeling in my heart!

Gone are the sorrow, heartaches, and pain,

Which made the teardrops start!

In their place I've joyfully found,

Contentment like I've never known!

My spirit has been lifted to higher ground,

Since Christ has made me His own!

God daily supplies all my needs,

From His storehouse up above!

So, I will follow wherever He leads,

And pledge my undying love!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Ah, 'tis Spring! Oh, happy day!

Winter's cold is gone away!

The sky is blue! The grass is green,

And the flowers are the prettiest,

I've ever seen!

Their assorted hues of lavender yellow, and red,

Adorn many a beautiful flower bed!

Also, wild flowers appearing here and there,

Sway in the warmer Springtime air!

Farmers plowing and sowing their fields,

Are hoping for greater annual yields!

Ah, soon there will be vast fields of green,

Planted with hay, corn, and soybeans!

'Tis Spring when a mother rabbit goes on a quest,

To find for her "younguns" a suitable nest!

Observant robins recognize the sound,

Of earthworms moving under the ground!

They then hop by to take a peak,

And quickly grasp them with their beak!

Friend, our God has decorated the land,

With beauties from His artistic hand!

Across the very face of Earth,

His creation is speaking of new birth!

Here and there are trees with majestic blooms!

There are weddings with happy brides and grooms!

Friend, when these happenings appear,

My heart just sings for Spring is here!


On Memorial Day in 1996 my son Brian and I attended memorial services at Dayton National Cemetery in 

Dayton, Ohio.  I was invited to share a poem I had written, "For Freedom's Sake."  The service was a moving 

experience to say the least.  To be honest with you I was very nervous and at the same time very proud to be 

able to honor our veterans.  It was a double treat to have my eldest son Brian present!  I hope you enjoy reading 

it.  God bless America and our honorable veterans!


By Robert F. Dotson © 1996

Dayton National Cemetery is picturesque and serene,

With its grassy carpet so lush and green!

Here and there, a majestic tree,

Stands stately and tall!

Interred in this hallowed ground,

The remains of America's heroes can be found!

We are here to give honor to them, one and all!

Men and women who counted,

The cause of freedom dear,

From all the major wars are here!

They hail from several states across our land!

Each of them readily answered their country's call,

And unselfishly gave their all!

This love only God can understand!

As we remember the herioc dead,

I'm reminded that Jesus said,

The greatest love one could display,

Would be to die for a friend!

So, as we honor those who lie,

'Neath stones of white and God's blue sky,

Let's pray this kind of love will never end!

We have gathered on this special day,

To try in our own way,

To give honor to whom honor is die!

But, as we display our gratitude for those who died,

And point to their accomplishments with pride,

Let's give honor to those who survived the wars too!

You see, many of these heroes cannot walk,

And even more of them can't talk,

About the horrible things they went through.

Because they answered the call when it came,

Their lives will never be the same,

Though some may look as healthy as me and you.

Ah, as the marines sharply execute,

The "twenty one gun salute,"

It is a fitting end to a perfect day!

So, with friends and family by our side,

And our hearts filled with pride,

With reverence we shall go on our way!

Memorial Day 1996


As a child(or even as an adult,) have you ever fallen?  Did you look around quickly to see if anybody saw you fall?  We can fall spiritually.  We all pray that will not happen.  But, it has happened to the greatest people in history.  However, we can get back up with the help of Almighty God!  If you have fallen, I hope the following poem will encourage you to "get up and try again!"  God and His good people will help you get back on your feet!


By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Does the way seem dreary,

As you run this Christian race?

Have you grown tired and weary,

Trying to keep up the pace?

Having fallen has satan convinced you,

That it’s impossible to win?

My friend, it’s not true.

Get up and try again.

In the great bout of life,

Have you lost a round or two?

Amidst the toil and strife,

Have you wondered what to do?

Do you feel like a loser, Friend?

Have you “taken it on the chin?”

Remember this is not the end.

Get up and try again!

Like an eagle have you soared,

To heavenly heights?

Has your fellowship with the Lord,

Brought you indescribable delights?

Do you long within your heart,

To have victory over sin?

If you want a brand new start,

Get up and try again!



  By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

In the still of the night,

My Lord is calling,

"Come walk with me,"

"In pastures green,"

"I'll be your light!"

"Leave your troubles far behind!"

"In Me new strength and peace you'll find!"

"Come go with Me in the still of the night!"

In the still of the night,

The day has ended,

And my body dreads to face the morning light.

But, I hear a still small voice,

Say, "Lift your head, My child rejoice,"

And joy is mine in the still of the night!

In the still of the night,

The battle's over,

And I'm weary, worn, and wounded,

From the fight.

Then, He puts His bleeding lamb,

Upon His shoulder,

And carries me in the still of the night!

In the still of the night,

Christ may be coming,

To catch away His waiting bride,

In robes of white!

That happy time I know will be,

A great reunion!

He'll call for me in the still of the night!



  By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Dear Lord, I feel Your presence,

And in essence,

                                        My soul is set aflame!

Gone are the cares of the day!

They are immediately swept away,

By the whisper of Your name!

Toil and strife,

Those natural things in life,

I file away upon a shelf!

Oh Master divine,

Thy will becomes mine,

As I forget about myself!

Your presence is so sweet,

And as victory replaces defeat,

My past failures are forgotten and left behind!

In the shadow of the cross,

Great gain replaces loss,

And joy, wonderful joy I find!

As I humbly how,

I "see through a glass darkly" now.

But, one day through God's amazing grace,

This feeling of ecstasy will never end!

I'll be forever with my Friend,

Where I shall see Him face to face!



  By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Friends are a Godsend!

Could we ever declare their worth?

Tell me, Is there a greater blessing here on Earth?

We could never do without 'em!

Their fellowship is beyond compare!

Oh, how much it means to us to know they really care!

Yes, good friends are certainly a priceless treasure!

They are often a source of joy beyond measure!

A true friend will stand by you when others walk away,

For to them it doesn't matter what other folks do or say!

A true friend will join with you when the battle gets hot,

And even defend you to their own hurt, like as not.

A friendship must be cultivated so it will grow!

If we are fond of someone we need to let it show!

For if we want a friend we must be friendly too!

That's the advice God's Word gives to me and you!

When we are sick it is comforting to know a friend is there,

Who will call out our name to Our Heavenly Father in prayer!

Oh, how heartwarming it is to answer the phone,

And hear the voice of an old friend when you're all alone!

It is such a precious time when friends in one accord,

Join together to praise and magnify the Lord!

True friends are hard to come by!

I've only been blessed with a few!

Some have "gone on before" to that Land Beyond the Blue!

But, one day I shall see them and we'll know as we are known,

When from these fleshly prison bars my weary soul has flown!

In Heaven we will be reunited with our dear departed friends,

In a grand and glorious homecoming that never, ever ends!


The following poem is one of my favorites.  I realize I am nothing without my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ working in my life.  I have had people say to me, "You're awesome!"  I quickly tell them I'm not awesome.  I serve an awesome God! 

         Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit precedes a fall.
                                      Proverbs 16:18 KJV
                                   THE WAY UP  IS DOWN!
                                                                                                                 By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

                            My chances of ever being famous are slim.

But, if I will place my faith and trust in Him,

Jesus will make my life complete!

I must heed His call,

And surrender my all

While laying my ambitions at His feet.

To some folks it come as a surprise,

That in God's kingdom there are no big "I's"

But, it is a matter of fact.

In my relationship with others,

Including my Christian Sisters and Brothers,

I must use a good measure of tact.

Meekness is not popular today.

You will often hear folks say,

"It's a dog eat dog world you know."

Oh, but God's word teaches you and I,

That if we expect to ascend on high,

First, we must come low!

Friend, just in case you haven't heard,

Jesus said in God's word,

"He who would be greatest,"

"Must be servant to all."

So, we must be ever aware,

That pride is a deadly snare,

And a haughty spirit precedes a fall.



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Three crosses stood on Calvary's brow.

It was Crucifixion Day.

In my mind's eye I can see them now,

On that hillside so far away.

Father, forgive them,” Jesus cried.

They know not what they do.”

Then, as the blood flowed from His side,

It brought redemption for me and you!

Roll on, oh cleansing, crimson tide!

Flow on forevermore.

On thee our ransomed souls shall ride,

Until we reach Heaven's shore!


By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

The tomb is empty!

Oh, what a glorious sight!

The long night has ended,

With the first rays of light!

The crucifixion has passed,

With its sorrow and gloom!

Now hope springs eternal,

From the empty tomb!

The tomb is empty!

Our Lord conquered death!

He cried, “It is finished,”

With His dying breath!

Yes, Christ was the Victor,

O'er death's impending doom!

Now, we'll live forever,

Because of the empty tomb!

The tomb is empty,

Bringing hope for tomorrow,

Beyond this world of sin,

Pain, and great sorrow!

Ah, we have our Lord's promise,

Though storm clouds may loom,

Our future is bright,

Because of the empty tomb!

The tomb is empty!

Let's go tell the story!

Christ has been caught up,

To His home in Glory!

He sent the Holy Ghost message,

To the upper room,

Signed, sealed, and delivered,

From that empty tomb!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

God, we have gathered in this place,

To seek Your Holy and Righteous face!

So, let the power of the Holy Ghost fall!

Oh, let us be in one accord,

Like on the day of Pentecost Lord,

And you will baptize us one and all!

Ah, it must be our heart’s desire,

To receive this Holy Ghost fire!

Then, nothing will stand in our way!

Oh, bless Your precious name!

Please set our hearts aflame,

And empower us for service this day!

We have left the world outside,

And come to Your sanctuary to abide,

Til this present storm has passed o’er.

We come to You in prayer,

Leaving our heavy load of care,

And we receive perfect peace and so much more!

Lord, we feel the joy bells chime,

For this is a refreshing time!

It’s like finding an oasis in a dry and barren land!

Oh, what happiness fills our soul,

And the hallelujahs roll,

For we’ve been touched by the Master’s loving hand!

I wrote the following poem several years ago.  However, it is a vivid description of myself and my Sweetie!  So, if I may I would like to share it again on this our 54th wedding anniversary!

    Robert F. Dotson © 2017    

Just call us 'Bob" and "Linda Lou,

If that's agreeable with you.

No Mr. or Mrs. is needed for my wife and me.

There's no reason to "make a fuss."

There's nothing fancy about us.

We're just as plain as plain can be.

We grew up eating fried taters, soup beans,

Pork, chicken, and wild greens.

Our milk came straight from the family cow!

Through the years we've never tried,

To act dignified.

And it's a little to late to start now!

Yes, we've had some trials along the way,

Times when we had to kneel and pray,

"Father, help us to stand the test."

The storm clouds had gathered all around.

But, in God's shelter we happily found,

A place of perfect peace and rest!

We're now well into our "autumn years."

It's a time when nearly everybody fears,

That life will be a burden too hard to bear.

But, together we'll make a stand,

Walking hand in hand,

Knowing we serve a God Who is always there!



                                                                         Robert F. Dotson © 2017     

Blow the trumpet loud and clear,

The warfare has begun.

The end of time is drawing near,

With the coming of God’s Son!

The enemy is very strong.

But, his time is running out!

Thank God, it won’t be very long,

Til we’ll hear the victory shout!

God’s mighty army is tried and true!

We’re veterans one and all!

And we know what we must do,

When we hear the Captain’s call!

Forward” is our battle cry!

We’ll never shout “retreat!”

We will serve the Master ‘til we die!

Then, victory will be sweet!

 I would like to share a couple of humorous poems from my archives.  I hope you enjoy reading them.


Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Today I forgot somebody's name,

I had known for quite awhile.

But, I continued talking to them

Just the same,

While wearing a pleasant smile!

Ah, senior moments.

In my home I'll go to a certain place,

And suddenly feel a twinge of fear.

Then, with a puzzled look on my face,

I'll say, "Why did I come in here?"

Occasionally, I take a phone call,

And my memory goes dead,

For I can't remember at all,

When I'm asked what the person said.

Ah senior moments.

I have to make myself a list,

In order to perform a task or two,

Then double-check to see if I've missed,

Something I was supposed to do!

Ah, senior moments.

My wife and I only have two boys,

So they think it's quite a shame,

And to be honest it really annoys,

When we call one by the other's name.

No, I can't remember as well as I did,

And it's really awkward you see.

But I can remember what I did as a kid,

As plain as plain can be!

Ah, senior moments.

Friend, when I reach Heaven's shore,

Perfect peace and joy I'll find,

And I won't have to wonder any more,

About things that slipped my mind!

No more senior moments! Hallelujah!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

I've noticed of late,

My steps are getting slow.

I've lost my natural gait,

My "get up and go."

My knees won't hardly bend,

And my back is getting weak.

Often I don't recognize a friend,

Until they start to speak.

My mind is not as keen,

As its always been.

Friend you'll know what I mean,

When you pass three score and ten.

I can't sleep at night.

So, I doze during the day.

It just doesn't seem right,

That I would feel this way.

Life has been an uphill climb.

But, soon my journey will be o'er!

For in just a matter of time,

I'll leave for Heaven's shore!

There my youth I shall regain,

In a body pure and whole!

There will be nor more pain!

Bless the Lord, oh my soul!


I’m Christ’s Ambassador!

Robert F. Dotson © 2017

For as long as I may live,

Lord, please help me to give,

To you my very best.

Each and every day,

I must watch the words I say,

In order to stand the test.

As an Ambassador at Large,

I’ve been given the charge,

To go both far and near!

Having been adopted by the Heavenly King,

I will gladly bring,

A message of hope and cheer!

I can’t speak my own mind.

I must seek to find,

Ways to please Jesus Who set me free!

Then, one day I’ll see His face,

In the beautiful place,

He has lovingly prepared for me!

Yes, life is hectic every day.

Sometimes I’m easy prey,

And in danger of being trapped

 In Satan’s snare.

But, if I constantly abide,

Close by the Savior’s side,

I shall escape through the power of prayer!



Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Blessed Savior, You are worthy,
Of all our honor and our praise!
You have helped us through hard trials,
As you worked Your wondrous ways!
So, we humbly come before You,
Bowing prostrate at Your feet,
As we seek for tender mercy,
And Your fellowship so sweet!
You have been with us in the valley,
And upon the mountain high!
When we called Your name in earnest,
You were faithful to draw nigh!
Just the mention of Your precious name,
Dispels all fear and doubt!
Lord, if we should fail to praise You,
The very rocks would cry out!
We are so thankful for Your presence.
We are so grateful for Your love!
Ah Yes, one day we're going to meet You,
In that "Blessed Home" above!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

My days on earth are seasoned with sorrow.

But, I'm looking forward to a brighter tomorrow,

Just beyond the setting of life's sun!

So, with each swiftly passing day,

I must labor, watch, and pray,

Until I hear the Master say, "Well done!"

I have no desire to turn around.

My eyes are fixed on higher ground!

Up ahead the lights of Home I see!

At "the ending of my years,"

I shall depart this "veil of tears,"

To join friends and loved ones awaiting me!

Dear Lord I long to see,

The mansion you have built for me.

I know it will be a glorious sight?

Buy, if I am to enter that sacred place,

It will be only by God's grace,

And the fact that I've walked in Your light!

This one thing I surely know,

When it comes my time to go,

You will help me across old Jordan wide!

Then, I'll no longer have to wait,

To enter Heaven's pearly gate,

And view all the beauty that's inside!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Ah, marriage such wedded bliss.

Sacred vows taken,

Are sealed with a kiss.

Soul joins soul,

And heart joins heart.

God has joined together,

Let not man put apart.

Each past is forgotten.

Forsake all others.

This even includes,

Father and mother.

Yes, young man,

Cling to your wife.

Love, honor, and cherish her,

The rest of your life.

Try not to speak,

And unkind word.

Even though you're the “Head,”

She needs to be heard.

If at times,

Discussions get sorta' heated,

An "I'm sorry. I love you,"

Are all that's needed.

My dear young lady,

Stand by your man.

Love, honor, and obey.

'Tis our God's plan.

Neither partner,

Should let foolish pride,

Cause a schism,

Sever, or divide.

Consider one another,

When making a plan.

Spend time together,

As often as you can.

Serve God together.

It's the only way to live.

Remember that marriage,

Is “take and give.”

Pray for each other,

Right from the start.

God instituted marriage.

It's a matter of heart.

Send her flowers,

On a special day.

Her face will light up,

At the sight of a bouquet.

Give him a card,

With special lines,

Of well written verses,

And his face will shine!

Compliment each other.

It's easy to do.

She will love it,

And so will you.

When children come,

And life gets busy.

Sometime things,

Get in a tizzy”

Then, stand together,

And love will grow stronger.

Pray harder,

And hold on a little longer.

Tell your children,

That you love them so.

"Train them up,"

In the way they should go.

Show them how,

To give Jesus their heart.

When they get older,

They will not depart.

Soon the children,

Will be "leaving the nest."

When they marry,

Wish them God's best.

Grandchildren are great!

Ask one who knows.

Love for them,

Just grows and grows.

Never be too busy,

To hold his hand,

And whisper "sweet nothings,"'

To your "special" man.

Make her feel important,

This woman called wife.

Show her she's the only,

Love in your life.

Grow older together.

Remember your duty.

In sickness and health,

In frailty and beauty.

Love is tender,

Considerate, and kind.

Love is of the heart,

Not just in one's mind.

When it comes time,

For one of you to leave.

To "cross over Jordan,"

The other will grieve.

But, on fairer shores,

That loved one will wait,

For the other to come,

And enter Heaven's gate.

Then, hand in hand,

They will sweet Heaven view,

And never, never,

Have to say “adieu.”



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

When you leave this land of sorrow,

And cross old Jordan's rolling tide,

There will be a grand reunion,

Over on the other side!

There you will meet with friends and loved ones,

Who you have longed once more to see!

If I missing at that gathering,

Look for me.

Look for me by the river of life,

In a land free from heartache, pain, and strife!

I'll be kneeling in God's presence,

Right where I've always wanted to be,

There in that Land of No More Parting!

Look for me!

You have been a source of comfort,

As we journeyed here below!

When I needed a word of kindness,

I always knew just where to go.

But, now I'm growing old and feeble.

Soon Christ will set my spirit free!

But, I'll be waiting by the river,

Look for me!

Yes, look for me by the river of life,

In a land free from heartache, pain, and strife!

I'll be kneeling in God's presence,

Right where I've always wanted to be,

There in that Land of No More Parting!

Look for me!

I'm not sure when God inspired me to write the following poem.  However, I appreciate every time He drops words into my mind and heart!  If you are going through a fiery trial at this very moment, have faith child of God our Help is never far away!  Praise the wonderful name of Jesus!


By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Beyond dark clouds the sun will shine!

Joy shall fill this heart of mine,

And hope will spring anew!

Oh, rejoice my soul the Lord has heard,

And according to His word,

This time of testing is through!

Ah, I've been in the valley low.

And my soul has been tempted so,

That I questioned was this God's will for me.

Yet by faith I was able to stand,

While holding to the Master's hand!

Now at the end of the tunnel a light I see!

Ah, I'm so glad God knows my fears!

He heals my hurts and dries my tears!

He knows when I need a shoulder to cry on!

And as I head toward yon mountain peak,

I feel so blessed that I'm unable to speak!

For unpleasant memories of the valley are gone!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Dear Lord, don't let the words I write,

Be just another line!

Take a live coal from Thine altar,

And touch this heart of mine!

Let my writing be Your instrument,

To touch some troubled soul,

And, help them do an "about face,"

Before Satan gets control.

Why You would want to touch me so,

I cannot understand!

I just accept it and pray You'll guide me,

With your loving hand!

Who am I, or my father's house,

That You would love us so?

Why you would even think on us,

I really do not know.

The subject is unending,

When I write about our God above!

I'm grateful for Your amazing grace,

And Your matchless love!,

Your power is unequaled!

Your ways are past finding out!

You're my soul's anchor,

When Life's waves toss me about!

I could spend my life attaining,

The knowledge this world affords,

And still not find the words to describe,

Jesus Christ, my Lord!

Lord, you've been my Great Deliverer,

And help in time of need!

I see You on the pages,

When Your Holy Word I readl

Your Holy Spirit has touched me,

Like I've never been touched before!

You have given me a new life,

And something to live for!

Lord, You've taught me to love others,

Even though they may not love me!

Your life was a perfect example,

Of what I should strive to be!

Oh please grant my desire,

For clean hands and a pure heart!

Sanctify me Holy,

In a life that is set apart!

Help me to be a light to those,

I come in contact with each day!

May my very actions,

Point them to "The Narrow Way!'"

Let my mind be filled,

With the precious truths I've heard!

Then, when I write let your Holy Spirit

Anoint each and every word!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2017

Dear Lord, let me be,

A candle in the night,

For, I want this wicked world,

To see the light.

They don’t need to know my name,

I just want them,

To see Your flame,

Shining ever so bright!

Lord, I just want to be,

Completely hidden in Thee.

Fill me with power from above!

In this troubled land,

Let me extend a helping hand,

Reaching out with the light of Your love!

So, light my candle Lord,

With fire from your altar!

Oh, let this message shine out,

Near and far.

"Jesus is a Savior,"

"Who is so meek and lowly."

"Just call His name,"

"And He’ll come to where you are!"



Robert F. Dotson © 2017

The Lord is my Shepherd.

He supplies my every need!

In lush green pastures,

My soul He does feed!

Beside the still waters,

Where no sea billows roll,

He gently leadeth me,

And restoreth my soul!

However, sometimes life's winds,

Are howling around me,

And so many things happen,

That I don't understand.

But, I do not fear,

For I can see clearly,

Jesus standing by me,

With an outstretched hand!

I feel so unworthy,

To stand in His presence,

So at His dear feet,

Humbly I bow.

And yes, I might just be,

The least in His kingdom,

But, I can feel His loving hand,

Touching me right now!

And though I may walk,

In the midst of hard trials,

Footsore and weary,

With my head hanging low.

To the end of my journey,

I know He will help me,

Guiding my footsteps,

As Homeward we go!



Robert F. Dotson © 2016

As the tree falls so shall it lie!

Once we are born we are sure to die,

Death will come to everyone,

Be they father, mother, daughter, or son!

Death comes to the young and old alike,

To gray of hair and little tyke!

Whether we die at eighty or eight,

Sooner or later death will be our fate.

Death has been a part of man's domain,

Since Abel was slain by his brother Cain.

The moment we are born we begin to die,

And we will return to dust by and by.

Death stalks each one of us every day,

Like a mighty hunter seeking his prey.

We cannot escape its mighty hand,

Try as we may, we never can!

Friend, death is no stranger to the human race!

It is something we all will have to face.

Yes, death once ruled "with an iron hand,"

Across the length and breadth of the land,

But, Jesus came to save us all,

And thus recompensed for Adam's fall!

He who came to seek and to save,

Got victory over death, Hell, and the grave!

Now we of Adam's race can joyfully sing,

"Grave where is thy victory?"

"Death where is thy sting?"

Death is no longer our enemy, you see,

Since Jesus died to set us free!

Friend, if we choose to serve the Lord,

Then, Heaven will be our just reward!

So, in death we are not alone,

For, Jesus, our Savior, will come for His own!

We need not fear death, child of God,

If for the Savior down here we've trod!

For, at "chilly Jordan Jesus will be by our side,

And death will be a bridge to the "Other Side!'



Robert F. Dotson © 2016

If tomorrow comes once more I'll rise,

'Neath sunny or even stormy skies,

And thank God for another day!

It will be a day like no other,

With opportunities to help my Sister and Brother,

And sow some seeds of kindness along the way!

Each day I live is Heaven sent!

And this one will be wisely spent,

If I place everything in God's hands!

I cannot "do my own thing,"

And please my Lord and King.

His will must be my only plans!

If tomorrow comes I'll face that day,

In very much the same way,

I've faced so many others before.

For, as I step into the unknown,

I shall not be alone,

For I will enter through Christ, the Open Door!



Winds of change may briskly blow.

Fair weather friends” may come and go.

But, this one thing I surely know,

God’s love for me will never change!

My own kin may treat me with disdain,

And often I smile to mask the pain.

But, my soul still sings this sweet refrain,

God’s love for me will never change!”

My body is often wracked with pain,

And I struggle my strength to regain.

I long for sunshine and God sends rain.

Yet, His love for me will never change!

I’m getting old and past my prime,

And I’ve reached another place in time,

Where life’s mountains seem so hard to climb.

But, God’s love for me will never change!

Some day I’ll leave this world behind.

But, Friend I’m certain I won’t mind,

For throughout eternity I’ll find,

God’s love for me will never change!

By Robert F. Dotson © 2016


When I wrote this poem I could picture a young soldier leaving home possibly for the last time.  I'm sure this happened many times to so many families who watched their loved ones going off to war.  I wrote this from a loving father's perspective.


Robert F. Dotson © 2016

I watch him as he walks away,

With his shoulders squared and standing tall.

I cannot find the right words to say,

For I know he must heed his country's call!

His mother and I taught him all the right stuff,

Love of God and love of his fellow man.

We taught him that if life's road gets rough,

We must accept it as God's plan.

I watch him as he walks away,

A boy who has become a man overnight.

Wasn't it only yesterday I watched him play?

And now he must go and fight.

I watch him as he walks away.

I'm as proud as I can be!

How often I have heard folks say,

He's "the spitting' image" of me!

I watch him as he walks away.

He's just topped the little hill.

I hope we'll meet again some day.

I pray it is in God's will.

I watch him as he walks away,

With tears streaming down my face,

Knowing there will be many a lonely day,

Around the old home place.

I watch him as he walks away.

Then, I place him in God's hands.

Ah, I know He'll not my trust betray!

You see, He loves and understands!

Of all the poetry God has inspired me to write, the following poem is definitely one of my favorites!  I hope you will let it speak to your heart and soul.

By Robert F. Dotson  © 2016

The preacher stopped preaching,
And he waited with a smile,
As I got up from my pew,
And I walked down the aisle.
Then, I fell on my knees,
And that's where I stayed,
While tears stained the altar,
The night that I prayed.

Yes, tears stained the altar,
In the place where I knelt,
And I was so very thankful,
For the sweet peace I felt!
Now I've a home up in Heaven!
The foundation was laid,
As tears stained the altar,
The night that I prayed!

Tears stained the altar.
It was a beautiful sight,
As I stepped from gross darkness,
Into marvelous light!
Heaven's angels rejoiced,
For my sin debt was paid,
When tears stained the altar,
The night that I prayed!

Tears stained the altar,
And as they rolled down my face,
Sin did abound,
But, God gave more grace!
Old satan was defeated,
Though He ranted and raved,
As tears stained the altar,
The night I got saved!

And friend, I'll always remember,
The vows that I made,
As tears stained the altar,
The night that I prayed!



By Robert F. Dotson  © 2016

"A friend loveth at all times!" 
Oh, what a beautiful thought'
A friendship is "cultivated" but never, ever bought!
A friend is one who'll stand by you,
Even when clouds are dark and gray,
And be at your "beckon call," 
No matter what hour of the day!
A friend will lend a "listening" ear,
To a problem great or small,
And never tell what you've told them, 
No matter "who" comes to call!
A friend will visit when you've missed church, 
Or send a card your way.
They'll kneel before our God above,
 And call out your name when they pray!
A friend will know when to come around,
 When you're down and feeling blue,
And have the very words to say,
That God has sent to you!
A friendship doesn't have to cease,
 When someone moves out of state!
You can spend some vacation time with them.  
The fellowship is great!
Take in a couple of camp meetings,
 And then visit one of God's creations!
Spend some "prayer time" together,
 And strengthen those friendly relations!
The Holy Bible tells us if we want friends, 
We must friendly be!
Friendships started down here on earth,
 Can last eternally!
When a friend dies you love them still,
 Although you're far apart!
Their memory and your love for them,
 Remains inside your heart!
Although you may have many friends, 
Another can't take their place,
And there is a longing in your heart,
 To once more see their face!
There are friendships natural,
 And also friendships divine!
Yes, some friends are so close,
 That their very hearts entwine!
How wonderful it is,
 For a man and his wife,
To be joined together,
 And remain good friends for life!
And yet, a greater friendship,
 Is one with Jesus our Lord,
When we sweet communion find,
 Together in one accord!
A friendship with Jesus,
 Is far above any other!
Scripture says that He's a "friend,”
“That sticketh closer than a brother!"
He was our great example of friendship,
 To the very end!
For greater love could no man have,
 Than to lay down his life for his friends!



Dear lord, just to be,
Close to Thee,
Is my soul's desire!
Along the road,
Toward my Heavenly abode,
I want to climb up higher!
Although for many miles,
Troubles and trials
May try to block my view,
Your hand I will grip,
And I'll not slip,
For I have put my trust in you!

When I am sorely tried,
You are by my side,
Giving me the strength I need!
Day or night,
All is right,
If I will just let You lead!
Sweet Heaven awaits,
With its pearly gates,
In welcome swung open wide!
So, at my journey's end,
With Jesus, my precious Friend,
I shall joyfully step inside!


Robert F. Dotson©2016

When I remember how Jesus bled and died,
Upon Mount Calvary's tree,
To bridge the chasm deep and wide,
Which separated God and me,
I lovingly bow on bended knee,
With humble heartfelt praise,
And thank Him for setting me free,
And changing my wicked ways!

There is a brand new man you see,
Now walking in my shoes!
So, I must God's disciple be,
And spread the gospel's good news!
I am glad to say I'm not my own.
His will I must obey.
Then, I will never walk alone,
He will go with me all the way!

Many souls are filled with fear and doubt,
As we approach the Midnight hour.
So, I must not let my light go out.
I must be filled with Holy Ghost power!
Very soon I will hear my Savior say,
"Your race on earth is run!"
"You have kept to the Straight and Narrow way!"
"Welcome home My son!"


Robert F. Dotson©2016

Vain was the help of men.
They deserted me on every side.
I shudder to think what might have been,
Had I not to the Master cried.
Life's tempest was raging wild,
And I could no longer stand.
So, with the faith of a small child,
I grasped His outstretched hand!
Jesus softly whispered my name,
And as He lifted me from the angry sea,
I cried, "Lord, I'm so glad you came,"
"To rescue a lost sinner like me."
I must have been a pitiful sight,
Clothed in the rags of my sin,
To the One who has all might,
And purity within.
But, He loved me in spite of it all.
He saw what this vessel could be.
So, as I heeded His call,
Jesus lovingly molded me!
Now, I have a new robe to wear,
And shoes upon my feet!
He daily gives me love and care!
His presence is so sweet!
Ah, no wonder I love Him so!
What else could I do?
Now my heart is all aglow,
Since Jesus came to my rescue!



Robert F. Dotson©2016

Lord, if I could write a love song,

I would sing it just for you!

It wouldn't be about a love gone wrong,

Or a heart that had proved untrue.

I would tell about all the good things,

You have done for me!

The changes You've made in my life, Lord,

I want the whole wide world to see!

Now, I'm nobody special.

I'm just a common man,

On my way to Heaven,

Trying to do the best I can.

But, when I get over in Glory,

And we've sung a song or two,

Somewhere in Eternity,

I want to sing my song for You!

So, I'm going to write that love song!

I'm going to choose my words just right.

I want to tell how You brought me out of darkness,

Into Your marvelous light!

I was headed for destruction,

'Til Your sweet love brought me through!

So, I will write that love song,

And I'll sing it just for you!


Robert F. Dotson © 2016

I have a Friend Who I hold dear.
He lets me know He's always near!
He whispers softly, "Do not fear."
Jesus is His name!

When I see trouble all around,
I set my sights on higher ground,
For there a Shelter I have found!
Jesus is His name!

When this old world becomes a rat race,
Causing tears of sorrow to run down my face,
I flee to The Rock and Hiding Place!
Jesus is His name!

Even when my skies are gray,
Who always hears me when I pray,
And creates for me a brighter day?
Jesus is His name!

Often I find communion sweet,
Just sitting at the Master's feet!
To my High Tower I can retreat!
Jesus is His name!

My heart is light and my soul sings!
I'm being borne upward on angel wings,
To the presence of the King of Kings!
Jesus is His name!

One day by God's amazing grace,
I will finish this earthly race!
Then, I'll meet my Maker face to face!
Jesus is His name!



I’ve not been the swiftest runner in the Christian race. I’ve stumbled a few times and ended up on the sidelines. But, it was because I got my eyes on the other runners and took them off my eternal goal. I’ve been in valleys so long I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. My mind told me God was far away. But, my soul assured me He was always near! But, then I’ve been on the mountain top lots of times having sweet communion with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! I’ve felt the power of the Holy Ghost so strong that I knew my soul could not contain Him! It was then I realized God would help me win this race! I’ve never had riches nor known popularity. If you knew where Jesus brought me from you wouldn’t give me a chance of ever being saved. Oh, but I’m a full-fledged child of Almighty God on my way to the Father’s house! No, I’ll not be a visitor. There’s a mansion prepared just for me! I don’t know its dimensions. But, our God is a Master Builder! So, I know it will be just right!

I’ve said farewell to many of my friends and loved ones with tears streaming down my face. And no doubt I’ll have to do it again. I did not cry because I didn’t know where they were going. I wept because there was an empty place in my heart created by their leaving me. Ah, but some morning yonder on Heaven’s shore I’ll meet them never more to be parted again! Oh, what a grand homecoming that will be. It will be joy unspeakable and full of glory! Each time I say goodbye to a passing loved one I receive a greater desire to press forward toward Heaven with all that’s within me. So, if you see me struggling and not moving as fast as others in the race, please don’t count me out. Through faith I can see the finish line just ahead!

With my finite mind I cannot comprehend the sights I shall behold when I enter Heaven. All the beauty and splendor will be mind boggling. Oh the joyful ecstasy I shall feel when I see Jesus Christ, my Lord! Just the thought of being in His presence for all eternity is more than this human mind can fathom! It certainly will be worth it all just to see His face!

Yes, one moment in Heaven will be worth all the trouble and heartaches I’ve had down here! You see, see we have experienced so many things here on earth which will not be in Heaven. We will have no more pain, sickness, death, loneliness, trials, temptations, misunderstanding, sin, strife, and tears! Thank God, there will be no more sleepless nights! You see, there will be no night there! The only gold I have ever seen here on earth was gold plated items. Ah, but when I get to the New Jerusalem my feet shall walk on streets of pure gold! I’ve only seen a few precious gems in my time. However, the foundation of that City will contain a variety of twelve priceless gems! The walls are made of jasper and the gates are made of pearl! My, my, my, that sounds like “home” to me!

Robert F. Dotson © 2016



Robert F. Dotson©2016

Does the load of sin you carry,
Have you bowed down to the ground?
Is your mind full of questions,
Yet, the answers can't be found?
Friend, you won't find the peace you're seeking,
In a bottle or a bar.
Jesus can fill your empty vessel!
He will come to where you are!

Do you often feel discouraged,
And it seems that there's no end?
Do you contemplate how much you'd give,
For just one true and faithful friend?
You want to change your life.
But, satan says you've gone too far.
If you can't get to Jesus,
He will come to where you are!

Jesus will come to where you are,
At morning, noon or night!
He will pick up life's broken pieces,
And make everything just right!
Although sin is devastating,
And it leaves a lasting scar,
Jesus is the Great Physician.
And He will come to where you are!


FRIEND,WHAT IF.........?

What if entrance to Heaven was gained by paying a toll,

Or we were required to have our name on a certain church roll?

What if we had to be handsome or pretty,

Or even had to be wise or witty?

What if we had to have either curly or straight hair,

Or had to spend several times a day chanting a prayer?

What if we had to be either fat or thin,

Or Heaven excluded either women or men?

What if we were judged by the color of our face,

Or were even kept out because of our birthplace?

What if only the swift won Life's race,

Or there was no such thing as "amazing grace?"

What if contact with Heaven was limited to daylight hours,

Or the Great God, Jehovah had a limit on His powers?

What if Jesus had refused to implement Salvation's plan,

And there was no sacrifice for "fallen man?"

What if somehow He couldn't arise from the grave,

And there existed no power our souls to save?

What if there was no Heavenly Father up above,

And the world had never known God's wonderful love?

What if the "big boom theory" really was true,

And our ancestors were monkeys and tadpoles too?

Friend, I'm sure glad all of these things are untrue,

And God loves the likes of me and you!

He always answers when we pray,

And loads us with benefits every day!

God's existence is not a theory! It's a natural fact!

And, He's the only one who can keep this world intact!


Robert F. Dotson ©2016

In the Holy Bible I read,
Where the psalmist David said,
"I have never seen the righteous forsaken,"
"Or his seed begging bread."
Friend, I've found this to be the truth,
For I've observed from my youth,
Until the present time,
That since God made us His own,
We have never been left alone,
As we struggle life's mountains to climb!

Even when we become old and gray,
God provides for us each day,
From Heaven's bountiful store!
Although our steps are getting slow,
We can surely know,
God loves us the same as before!

Ah, soon Heaven's gates will swing open wide,
And we shall happily step inside,
We who have been blood-bought!
With our Savior we shall reign.
There will be no more pain!
Oh, what a comforting thought!


Robert F. Dotson ©2016

As here on earth we trod,
We're blessed with the unmerited favor of God,
Otherwise known as amazing grace!
Through good works we cannot obtain,
Aught to was away sin's stain.
Nothing can take the blood's place.

When Jesus' blood from Calvary ran,
It created a span,
Across the gulf made by man's sin!
Although centuries have come and gone,
The cleansing still goes on,
Reaching whoever will enter in!

Our salvation has no purchase price!
However, a great sacrifice,
Was needed to set us free.
So, the Son of The great I Am,
Jesus, Calvary's Spotless Lamb,
Gave His life for you and me!

It is so wonderful to know,
Jesus' blood can still flow,
Down through thousands of years!
That mighty crimson flow,
Washes sinners white as snow,
And instantly their guilt disappears!

I know this to be true,
For I stand before you,
A prime example of God's saving grace!
You see, condemned I once stood.
In me was no good.
But, Jesus chose to die in my place!


Robert F. Dotson ©2016

In the good times or the bad,
When I'm happy or when I'm sad,
When skies are gray,
Or a beautiful shade of blue,
In sunshine or in rain,
In laughter or in pain,
Dear Lord, I've learned,
To put my trust in You.

I trust You when angry billows roll.
I trust You, the Anchor of my soul!
When it seems there is no way,
Your smile brings a brighter day!
Please help me always to say,
"I trust You, Lord!"



Seeing “Old Glory” waving high,

And proudly ‘neath a clear blue sky,

Is a vivid reminder that people will die,

For Liberty.

From the glory days of old,

We still hear the stories told,

Of heroes who waxed brave and bold,

For Liberty!

Red and yellow, black and white,

Have joined together in the fight,

To champion the cause of right,

And Liberty!

So with God, our Sovereign in command,

Let brotherhood reign across our land!

Then, together we shall ever stand,

For Liberty!

Robert F. Dotson ©2016



By Robert F. Dotson © 2016

I've heard it said, my Friend,

"All good things must come to an end!"

Here on earth this is always true!

Good times do not last.

All too soon they have passed,

Oft times leaving us sad and blue.

Ah, but I know of a place,

Where by God's grace,

We Christians will one day go!

It is a beautiful land,

Fashioned by God's own hand!

There crystal waters flow!

In the sweet by and by,

We'll have no reason to cry!

Time will be no more!

Yes, when we leave this world of sorrow,

On that glad tomorrow,

We shall land safely on Heaven's shore!



Robert F. Dotson © 2016

Troubles and trials are all around.

But, a shelter I have found!

Where peace and love still abound,

In my Father's house!

The far country has lost its hold on me.

From its lures I've been set free!

I'm as happy as I can be,

In my Father's house!

I shall never stray no more.

I've found the joy I had before!

Many blessings lay in store,

In my Father's house!

By His Spirit I am led!

At God's table I am fed!

There is never lack of bread,

In my Father's house!

When it comes my time to go,

In my robe as white as snow,

I'll join my friends from long ago,

In my Father's house!

Oh, what a beautiful place!

Heartaches are gone without a trace!

I'll meet Jesus face to face,

In my Father's house!



Robert F. Dotson © 2016

The coming of the Lord,

Is about to take place!

Then, every member of Adam’s race,

Shall behold His wonderful face!

The wicked will be fearful,

On that fateful day.

To the rocks in the mountains,

They will loudly pray.

Fall on us,” they will say.

But, there will be no hiding.

For each person will stand,

With the evidence of their life’s deeds,

There in their hands.

Jesus will judge them,

With a judgment that is fair!

Heaven’s record books will be opened,

Displaying what’s written there.

Each soul will be examined.

And as Christ looks inside,

Will we be joyful?

Has His blood been applied?

Have we loved our enemies,

Just like our Sisters and Brothers?

Have we honored Christ above all others?

With a smile on His face,

Will Jesus say,”Well done?”

Or will we be banished,

By God’s precious Son?

For everyone’s sin the price has been paid!

So, we will be judged by the choices we’ve made.

Will we enter God’s Heaven or be turned away?

What will be the outcome on that reckoning day?



By Robert F. Dotson © 2016

Oh, how I love the story of Jesus!

It is a story that will never grow old!

If the world be filled with its manuscript,

The half would not be told!

The story of His Holy conception,

Is still captivating today!

His birth was a "one time miracle,"

That will never pass away!

Men were not ready for His coming,

Yet "He came in the fullness of time!"

What seemed like a natural childbirth to them,

Was really so divine!

With the wisdom He possessed,

Jesus astounded the wise men of His day!

His questions were so perplexing,

That they didn't know what to say!

Jesus often quoted the law of Moses,

And put them all to shame!

He told the doubting Pharisees,

"I come in my Father's name!"

His time spent here on earth was short!

He was only thirty three,

When He willingly gave His life,

On the cross of Calvary!

Jesus' great provision of salvation,

For "lost humanity,

Though wonderfully true,

Is still a mystery to me!

His grace is amazing,

And His Love is so divine,

I can hardly comprehend it,

With my finite mind!

However, Friend,

I don't have to understand,

The "hows" and "whys,

"Of God's salvation plan!

You see, salvation is not merited,

By the natural works of men!

By grace we are saved through faith!

That's how it's always been!

When someone accepts Christ as their Savior,

They are never the same!

For in the Book of Life in Heaven,

God places that person's name!

Friend, Jesus is truly the Son of God!

In my heart I know it's true!

He is the Way, the Truth, the Life,

The Alpha and Omega too!

My Jesus came to earth,

To seek and to save those who were lost!

The whole world's sin was upon Him,

As He paid that awful cost!

For the price of our redemption,

God gave His Only Begotten Son!

Friend, when Jesus cried, "It is finished,"

Salvation's work was done!


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