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Geotagging Pictures

(If using a smartphone or tablet -- this isn't necessary since the gps coordinates are embedded in the picture)

  1. On GPS
    • Mark waypoint
    • Record location on iPad
  2. Take pictures with phone and/or iPad – marking waypoints with each picture [Ideally -- I just haven't done to this extinct.]
    • Entrance to cemetery
    • Roads getting to graves (walk route if possible)
    • Grave and surroundings
    • Close-up of stone
    • Close-up of inscription
  3. Use EasyGPS (software) to create gpx file of waypoints – KEEP EACH location in separate folder!
  4. Save pictures and gpx file to same folder
  5. Use Use http://www.csgnetwork.com/gpscoordconv.html to convert latitude longitude if needed
  6. Use GPISync (software) to synchronize pictures with gpx file (puts gpx data into file information)
  7. Use PhotoMe to view GPX data attached to photo
  8. Use Google Earth to see pictures placed in correct location
  9. Add latitude/longitude to burial tag in TMG
  10. Add photo to exhibit in TMG