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Addendum to Bland Family Letter

St. Joseph, MO

Mrs. Lillie Brown
1619 Savannah Ave.

Dear Sister,

 In compliance with your request I enclose you a type-written copy of the letter addressed to Judge W. T. Bland,and a part of our own History as written to me by Mr. Bland,

 The History he has deals with the English House of Blands and consequently,would hardly embrace the American descendants ,he has,however,numerous notes,relative to the Blands in this country, and has promist to write me more fully in regard to my special line of decent.

James Bland ,a lineal decendant of the brance of Sedburgh, settled in Stafford County Virginia, and died in 1708,he had a sone John who married Marguret Osborne,John and Marguret Osborn Bland, moved to Kentuckey ,one of their children was Osborn Bland,Osborne Bland,and his wife was capitured by the indians and their baby murdered and it's blood smeared in the mother face.He was kept bound but his wife was unfettered and he told her to try to escape this she did,living for two weeks before she reached the settlement'S on parched corn, and herbs,he was afterwards exchanged and the wife and husband were reunited.

William Bland a brother of Osborne Bland,borned in 1777,in Prince William County, Virginia,moved to Kentuckey in 1784, married Sarah Peake,William Bland had a son Elijah H.Bland,who married Corilla Willet, Eli Bland,a son of Osborne Bland settled in Monroe County,Kentuckey,married Sarah Anderson, and died in New Orleans in 1826,

Mathew M. Bland,a son of Eli Bland,settled in Platt County Missouri,in 1838,married Mary Burnes Turner,of Mason County Kentuckey in1845, born December 5th,1816,and died July the 27th,1879.

Robert L. Bland, a son of Matthew M. Bland,
born in Platt County Missouri June the 1st,1870.