Heartland Bird Rescue&Aviary
Mission Statement 

Heartland Bird Rescue&Aviary strives to enhance the lives and well-being of surrendered companion birds by providing superior avian knowledgeable care, excellent nutrition, companionship, veterinary support, rehabilitation for the correction of aggressive non-social behavior, lifetime sanctuary for the older or handicapped birds and a responsible, loving, life long home when a bird is available for adoption.

Are you unable to care for your bird?

If you no longer feel you can properly care for your bird and are considering giving him/her up  for placement, please contact us first to discuss possible solutions and review your options. If you decide to surrender your bird for placement in a new situation, please fill out an Acquisition Form in its entirety if at all possible.  The information you provide will help us to determine the needs of the bird and the most suitable environment for its future. You will be required to sign a legal copy of this form at the time of surrender.

We further offer support and understanding to those persons who have found themselves in a position whereby they are facing the hardship of surrendering a bird. The vast majority of our birds have come from a loving caring environment.  The process of living can present many unexpected changes.
We are committed to improving the lives and welfare of the misunderstood, abused, neglected, abandoned, seriously ill and aggressive companion birds, by providing protection, rehabilitation, public education and whatever means is deemed necessary.
         Heartland BirdRescue&Aviary is still filling to be a charitable organization and we are being supported by personal funds during this time tell all forms are being filed
      We will take in other animals needed shelter care that are abused or unwanted and diligently find a good home for them. We are not taking in dogs or cats at this time   

Are you missing a bird and need help finding him/her this web site does that check them out!!

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