HEART Laboratory

The Health, Environment and Relational Ties (HEART) Laboratory is a social psychology lab supervised by Professor Kristen Springer. The lab spans five rooms (205, 207, 207A, 208 & 218) on the second floor of Rutgers University's Institute of Health, Health Care Policy, and Aging Research (IHHCPAR) on the College Avenue Campus (112 Paterson St. in New Brunswick, NJ). In the lab, we use various social psychological methodologies and measurement instruments, including survey tools, electrocardiogram (ECG), blood pressure, respiration, cardiac impedance, and saliva collection (to assess hormone levels and genetic alleles). Projects in the lab vary, but current work is focusing on methodological issues in psycho-physiology and general health outcomes. The lab is one among many associated with the Rutgers' Psychology and Sociology Departments.

For interest in joining the lab, please look into our Prospective Research Assistants page.  


Chris preparing cryovials for saliva samples