Merry Meet and Be Welcome

Hearthside Haven is an incorporated Norse/Celtic/Eclectic family-oriented Pagan kinship. We gather to celebrate the Sabbats and Esbats and to pass down our traditions and mythologies to our children. Hearthside Haven is a place where we, as Pagans, may raise our children within our religion positively and safely. Rituals include the children to their abilities, understanding and willingness. Their participation is lovingly encouraged.

All families (insert your definition here) , family-friendly Pagans and sincere open-minded seekers are welcome.

We offer birthing rituals, namings, childhood/adolescent rituals, mid-life/adulthood rituals, crone/sage rituals, requiems, funerals and best of handfastings.

We have courses/classes from beginners to clergy training.

We are located in Central Connecticut - East Hartford to be more exact.
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