Heartburn patients to reject the snacks

Can be described as the heart of the Friends of pistachio nuts unlike other easy to rancidity. And can lower cholesterol levels and reduce heart disease. However, pistachios have a high heat, and contain more fat, those who Papan people with high blood lipids and heartburn patients should eat less.

Pumpkin seed
Eat about 50 grams of pumpkin seeds, which can effectively prevent prostatitis and prostate cancer. Pumpkin Seed is rich in pantothenic acid, pantothenic acid can ease the static nature of angina pectoris, and has antihypertensive effect. But we should also note that one should not eat too much, there have been a result of excessive consumption of pumpkin seed dizziness were reported. Pumpkin seeds best suited to hypertensive patients eat, heartburn patients who wish to deprivation, otherwise they will feel Zhongwan bloating nausea.

Adjusting people, especially children nutritional balance has a very important role. Peanuts contain a large number of arginine and resveratrol, the former role of potential anti-TB, which can inhibit cancer cell invasion and proliferation, and therefore quite good TB and cancer patients of therapeutic products. However, an increase in platelet count peanut clothing, anti-fibrin dissolution effect, it is peeled hyperlipidemia are advised to eat.

Pine nuts contain protein, fat, carbohydrates. Fat contained in most of linoleic acid and linolenic acid and others are healthy essential fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other content are also very rich, eat can be nourishing for Health. Pine nuts stored a long time will produce odor, unfit for human consumption. In addition, the gall bladder dysfunction should Shensi.

Cashew nuts in the human body to be detrimental to slightly higher content of saturated fatty acids should avoid eating too much. In addition, the cashew nut contains a variety of allergens may cause some allergic reactions. Thus, for the first time to eat cashew person may eat 12 minutes after the stop 10, an allergic reaction if you do not eat there.
In addition, we introduce you to some of the most likely to cause heartburn during pregnancy, the food:

Citrus, coffee and soft drinks, alcohol, greasy high-fat foods, chocolate. 
Try to eat less or eat bar!

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