Heart Attack Symptoms & Complications

The most common of Heart Attack Symptoms is a severe pain in the chest that often radiates to the shoulder and the surrounding body parts, like the shoulder and arm. However, all kinds of chest pains are not suggestive of an ongoing heart attack. Firstly, chest pain associated with a heart attack is rather severe and flares-up like a contraction. Secondly, this pain is accompanied by a feeling of squeezing or compression around the chest. This also causes breathlessness or shortness of breath (SOB). However, SOB is not considered a primary Heart Attack Symptom, i.e. it is essentially a complication caused by the decreased supply of oxygenated blood to the heart’s muscles.

The most serious of Heart Attack complications include a severely upset stomach that arises due to the stomach’s muscles being contracted suddenly by a heart attack. The other, most severe of Heart Attack Complications is a paralyzing pain to the jaw that can render the sufferer mute for many minutes. Please note that such Symptoms of Heart Attack might appear quite similar to conditions like an anxiety attack or a seizure. However, whenever breathlessness and the characteristic feeling of the chest being compressed arises, chances of a heart attack rise exponentially.