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Why The Program

The current work environment in our world is becoming more and more difficult for students who want to learn how to work in business prior to graduating high school or trade school. The Heart and Soul internship program eliminates that problem by creating opportunities for students to gain needed knowledge and skills. This done by giving them tasks that teach how to work in the Cloud. We can see that  businesses today need a good online presence, but many small business owners have become bewildered or bogged down in trying to learn  how to actually navigate and connect to Cloud based websites such as:  social media sites, apps, mobile apps, and tablet apps. Our cloud based internship is designed to change that and lend a helping hand to business owners nationwide.

Are Internships Overrated?
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Our focus

Our focus is to share, explain, guide, encourage, and expose our student interns to how businesses, both online (cloud) and offline (brick and mortar), actually connect in today's work environment.  Technology has virtually taken over physical in-store internship opportunities. Students used to be able to learn basic work skills, business ethics, tasks, people skills, and simple communication among humans. It’s not that way anymore, things seem to have shifted into the Cloud, so this is where our program will start. We provide all the opportunities which have shifted into the cloud for us to provide valuable work skills to students. Also the normal hurdles of physically being somewhere is becoming difficult to manage for parents, students and owners to keep pace. Most of all, the cost and lack of finances to train, employ, and teach students is difficult. More and more the opportunity for students to actually internship at a small business is vanishing. After having been in our internship program, we are sure the skills learned along with a list of training applications received along with a cloud based mind set will prove valuable hiring skills to the student and to any small business owner.

For Businesses

What Kind of Businesses do we look for? All types! Select business have joined with us (click here to see them)  in order to assist students with remedial tasks that businesses need done to help drive customers or clients to their business. We do not perform tasks for any MLM or Bait & Switch Scheme companies. We primarily seek offline brick and mortar businesses to perform tasks for. All tasks are meticulously created in order to facilitate simple and easy application by the interns. Students may work with one business if interests of the the student and the business match. Otherwise, we seek to train the student in an array of businesses allowing them to learn how different business perform. Businesses are able to tap into a large network of trained competent students excited to learn how to work. Businesses are awarded an army of students that are able to perform important online tasks (posting, editing, data entry, correcting, electronic filing, and etc.). To learn more Click here!

*Parent Participation
The internship for your student is what they make of it. You must approve and SUPPORT them in their internship position 100% of the time. If this task for you is too much to ask, then it is not realistic for you and your student to participate. We will provide everything possible for your student to do their tasks without financial needs of you. So there’s very little if any out of your pocket costs. PLEASE keep in mind we are a 501c3 non-profit. This means we do not provide this program as a for profit business. We try our best to cover all known costs beside fees that you may already have structured for your child ie Cell phone, wifi internet, computer, etc. Keep in mind whatever you are able to donate can be used as a TAX DONATION click here.  So beyond the money aspect we ask that you be supportive.

Think of yourselves as managers with in our program. Encourage your students to learn, instruct them when you are aware of what their tasks are. We will truly show them and instruct them. We are always open to field questions from parents (managers) about the program and tasks provided to your students.

As parent managers you will also have unlimited online support for yourself. Are there things you run into online you are confessed about? Are there things online you have questions about?  Is there something that sounds too good to be true but you would like a second opinion? Well as your community partner we will help you with any of your online needs. Just ask.

Time Involved
The average time that Internship students are required to perform tasks is flexible. Depending on the internship students capability. We develop a schedule of regular  tasks to be performed and monitored for proper application by the internship students. At this time work is only available on a mini part time bases (10 hrs a week) or two (2) hours a day in a 7 day week.

Work increase is based on parent and H&S agreement that more time may be awarded student based on their overall attitude at home, school, and internship performance.

For Students

This program is designed for any student. As long you the student has the desire to learn valuable online and offline business skills, in an internship capacity online in the cloud.  Due to our world's current work environment it's becoming increasingly difficult for a student to  learn how to work in a physical brick and mortar business prior to graduating from high school. This program changes that problem. Heart and Soul is creating national opportunities for you to gain real world training online in the virtual cloud as interns with real businesses. We are able provide you internship opportunities by you using the the electronic equipment you already have, for example desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, smart phones, ipad, tablets and etc. After we access your ability, we will structure skilled tasks from writing tasks, proof reading, posting, data entry, researching, direct calls, EDM (Electronic Data Management), and a plethora of skilled abilities you will need in any real world job. These tasks will earn the student Points in order to redeem the many Rewards we have available.

The Internship Process and Work Outline.
  • Parent Orientation & Permission Form

  • Student Application

  • Student Color Assessment Learn what it's about click here!

  • Phone Interview w/ Student

  • Set up Student Email

  • Student Resume see examples

  • Determination of student Internship placement:

    • Offline Flyers (Optional)

    • Referrals (Word of Mouth - WOM)

      • Gold Parties

      • Vistaprint

      • Home furniture

      • Businesses Showcase Partners

          • Brendas Insurance

          • Oversized Machine Industries

          • Jennifers Party Supplies

          • The Yardsale Depot

          • Oasis Salon of Inglewood

    • Desktop / iPad computer (Optional)

      • Mac

      • PC

        • posting

        • blogging

        • data editing

    • Phone (Optional)

      • smartphone

      • standard phone / txt


Earning POINTS

Points are earned by students once certain tasks or objectives are reached. They are able to apply various skills in order to accomplish these points. At this time the following Points (pts) are adjustable and some points are residual based. All tasks can receive pts depending on actual transaction completed.

  • Point totals for tasks performed by student:

    • Offline Flyers at local events pts

    • referrals to

      • H&S Gold Parties 25 pts per completed party

      • H&S Vistaprint pts per completed order

      • H&S Home furniture 10 pts per completed order

      • Completing Tasks

          • Brendas Insurance pts

          • Oversized Machine Industries pts

          • Jennifers Party Supplies pts

          • The Yard Sale Depot pts

          • Oasis Salon of Inglewood pts

          • many more businesses are joining

Redeeming REWARDS

These rewards are available to students once required total of point have been accumulated to redeem any of the following Rewards.

  • Coupons ~ redeem w/ pts
    • Carls Jr.
    • In-N-Out Burgers

  • Individual Passes ~ redeem w/ pts
    • Bowling Lane Pass

  • Group Passes ~  redeem w/ pts
    • NBA games