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H&S Resume Websites (since 2012)
A product provided by They offer their skills and ability as a donation for our organization. This is available for anyone who is interested in building a fun unique resume. Take a look!

H&S Business Showcase (since 2012)
We create beneficial consistent Marketing and Advertising services for local businesses. In order to sustain and enhance the quality of partnerships with local schools, community, and businesses. We provide internships for students to learn the basics of working in a real store. We provide basic online training for adults and students to practice real Marketing and Advertising.

  • Student Internships ~ for High School Students This program is designed for students that desire to learn valuable online and offline business skills. Because of our worlds current work environment it is oftentimes difficult for students to  learn how to work in business prior to graduating high school. This program changes that problem. H&S creates opportunities for students to internship with businesses nationally. For a small monthly  fee businesses are able to tap into a large network of trained competent students excited to learn how to work. Businesses are awarded an army of students that are able to perform important online tasks (posting, editing, data entry, correcting, electronic filing, and etc.) To learn more visit the highlighted link > Get Back In The Game ~ Business.
All Programs shown below are under development

H&S Community Incubator (Betta) Our latest full service program is designed to assist a person or business in establishing a fully functional nonprofit organization. Because we know how difficult it is to start and to gain momentum in realizing a dream of assisting others in need. 

H&S Community Reward Card (since 2013)
We have started our first H&S Community Reward Card fundraiser program. Our program helps support local community organizations such as schools, youth groups, churches, non-profits, clubs, etc. to earn money for their cause. Any organization that needs to raise money once they have signed up and are able to sell our H&SC Rewards Card to their supporters for discounts at local merchant business locations.

H&S Teacher Wish List (TBA)

H&S School Uniforms (TBA)

Old Programs We Have Done

H&S Holiday Toy & Gift Baskets (since 2001)

H&S House of Ruth Holiday Celebration (since 2001)

H&S Back To School Annual Give Away (since 2005)
Over 7,000 shoes have been given to at risk children at this event.  We have been providing school supplies, & backpacks. since 2005.
*In 2012 our goal is helping  1000 children & families(On Saturday  Oct 22, 2012 we assisted 500+ toddlers to adults)

H&S Family Shopping Day (since 2007)
Over 75 FREE shopping days have been given to at risk children & their families in this program.  We have been providing school supplies, & backpacks. 2007 - 2008 - 2009 -2010. In 2012 we will be helping even more families.