Officials, Businesses and Individuals who wish to partner with us.

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State, City,  and Local Officials

Dr. Ed Hernandez

Paul Solano

Art Sandoval

Bassett Unified School District

Royal Oak Middle School
Charter Oak High School
Edgewood Elementary School

Sunkist Elementary School

Van Wig Elementary School

Don Julian Elementary School

Torch Middle School

Bassett High School

Businesses & Organizations

Oversized Machine Industries

Your Virtual Worker Online 

Super Cuts

Church of Christ

Compassion In Action USA

Yard Sale Depot

Boeing Company

World Vision


Aldabella Scarpa

LaPuente Valley ROP 

Office Max

Smardan Supply Company

The Advertising Specialists (TAS) 

Sparkletts Water

Jennifers Party Supplies

The Gold Refinery

Angel Bins

Bella Rose

C.O.H.S. Track

Business  Showcase Partners

El Matador Restaurant

YMB Enterprises - Nonprofit

Oversized Machine Industries

West Covina Farmers Market - Nonprofit

Jennifers Party Supplies

The Yard Sale Depot

Jesus Lepe

Spotlight Parties

Flyer Locations Sponcers

Windwood Apartments

Olson Company

Chando Auto Center

Enterprise - Rental Car

Sunset Plaza Apartments

Riverstone Apartments

Casa Moreno Apartments

Villa Las Brisas Apartments

Continental Village Apartments

Rima's Liquor 

J&G Liquor 


Board OF Directors
Maxine Coleman
Marland Love

Executive Director
LaShawn Love

Bernise F.
Desiree C.
Dustin S.
Erik M
Amber L

Online Social Media Supporters