Teaching Teens

HomeSchool those precious years of  
7th - 12th grade with joy and confidence!


  * 7 hour seminar, with display books to look over...

      * a 125-page seminar manual and resource guide to refer back to for years...

           * 30 years of homeschooling wisdom and experience, plus hours of research

                 * the joy and fellowship of kindred spirits

For pdf notes from CFS Expo 2011, go to the bottom of this page, and Teaching Teens links, more notes


Don't let fear of failure... fear of the unknown... or fear of THOSE subjects defeat you! You CAN home school victoriously all the way through high school! These years are the most fun... the most challenging... and carry the GREATEST reward. Here are some ideas from a mom who has home schooled seven of her eight children through 12th grade... and the rest are following!

What it is:

An intensive, information-packed 7-hour seminar focusing on  just 7th-12th grades--  for anyone interested in home schooling the upper grades.

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What is covered in Teaching Teens:

* various methods of teaching 
* tried & true curriculum ideas
* outstanding ways to save $$$$
* elective, labs, & extra-curricular
* making lessons come alive
* teaching the "Toughies"
* scheduling & organization
* equipping for godly hood
* curricular displays
* high school & beyond: college & vocational preparation... apprenticeships... college at home?!... courtship & marriage preparation
* Heart & Home Bookstore will feature special home school and child training books for purchase.
* plus much, much more!

Special Breakout afternoon Session for Men and Teens! 
with Bill Tanksley

Everyone will be together in the morning session, then while the women are in the afternoon session, the men and teens are invited to attend these special sessions taught by Bill Tanksley, father of eight and CHEA speaker. Notes included.

** Four Smart Rats
Don't miss this dynamic, popular talk on how to avoid destructive temptation. A riveting illustration of the dangers of desensitization, Satan's favorite strategy.

*** Foundational Fathering
- being the spiritual leader of your family
- Biblical Child Training-- what's that?
- the authorial role of parenting
- desensitization: how to protect your family
- how to support your wife in homeschooling
- questions and answers

To bring this seminar to your area, contact Mary Tanksley at  m.tanksley@gmail.com

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