SWR Materials

Spell to Write and Read is a powerful method of teaching phonics, spelling, and beginning reading, based on the historical, effective way of teaching these subjects.    
The SWR Core Kit  consists of five essential and non-consumable components of SWR (see 2 left columns below for a more thorough explanation) :
   * Spell to Write and Read teacher's manual
    * The Wise Guide
    * SWR phonogram cards
    * SWR phonogram CD
    * SWR spelling rule cards

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Spell to Write and Read

This teacher's manual gives a step-by-step outline for the entire SWR program.

Some children learn to read no matter what a teacher does. By phonetically teaching spelling from the start as the backbone for reading, we can teach all children, regardless of learning styles, to read and spell.This essential book contains the diagnostic tests, explanations of each reference page, and takes you step-by-step through the scope and sequence. Part of the Core Kit


The Wise Guide is the companion spelling list of words for SWR. WISE stands for Words, Instructions, and Spelling Enrichments. This foundational vocabulary of 2000 core words is divided into manageable lessons with two pages of lesson plan ideas for each set of twenty words. Included in the Core Kit.


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 70 Basic Phonogram Cards:

The 70 phonogram cards link the most basic fixed combinations of letters in English with the sounds they make. Valuable instructions are given on the back of each card for correct pronunciation and penmanship for the teacher. Invaluable! Part of the Core Kit 


70 Basic Phonogram CD

By Gary and Wanda Sanseri. The 70 basic phonograms are presented so the student and teacher can actually hear the correct sound of each phonogram. A practice quiz helps the teacher check her ability to hear and accurately produce each phonogram sight-unseen. An answer key to the quiz is provided. Included in the Core Kit 


Spelling Rule Cards

These cards provide a visual memory jogger of the rules for easy review and reinforcement. By Wanda Sanseri. Regular size = (4 to a 81/2 by 11 hard stock page) Included in the Core Kit

Primary Learning Log

Wanda Sanseri designed this easy-to-use log for primary age pupils (K-3rd), or older students new to the program with any writing difficulty. Each year in this program a student will build his own spelling notebook for the year, writing in his spelling words and rules as he learns them. The teacher also needs to build a sample teacher's master. (not in Core Kit)



Advanced Learning Log
Black Learning Log. (3rd grade and up). A sewn notebook with regular wide-line paper. We recommend the hard to find 50-leaf composition book. The instructor needs to make her own sample black log before teaching a student. (Not in Core Kit)

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