Spell to Write and Read

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SWR Core Set
provides a solid foundation of phonics and spelling for
all the language arts...
Cathy Duffy's 100 top picks

   - efficient! based on proven scientific data
    - economical!
using non-consumable materials till your child is at college-level spelling, with only a learning log needed per year for each student.
    - effective! Multi-sensory, integrated language arts

Spell to Write and Read, a very user-friendly guide, is
recommended by Classical Conversations in the parent resources. This method is endorsed by  CC founder, Leigh Bortins.

Click here: Class dates and Locations: Nov. 2-3 (Fri.-Sat.) Where: Mission Ambulance, 1055 E 3rd St, Corona, CA 92879

When: November 2-3, 2018  (F/Sat),   9 am to 6:00 pm daily     

Local Hostess:  Tina Landeros at john316_19@hotmail.com    

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Spell to Write and Read

* teaches comprehensive, explicit phonic
* beginning to college-level spelling 
* neat,legible penmanshi

* logic and analytic skills 
* a love of reading "living
* grammar integrated with composition 

* vocabulary building, including Latin and Greek roots 

This unique program starts with the student writing and spelling, and moves to reading. Based
on solid physiological research and historical precedent, Spell to Write and Read will amaze you with its simplicity, conciseness, and completeness.
The Seminar:

This is a two-day, sixteen hour teacher-training, providing you with the tools and knowledge to implement the SWR/Spalding method with confidence and success, whether your students are beginning, elementary, or remedial.

We will teach you to use phonics to teach spelling, writing and reading, place each child at their correct level by diagnostic tests, and adapt this method to the student's abilities. There will be hands-on work time, so you can learn how to teach each student as you build your Spelling Notebook. This class includes instruction based on Spell to Write and Read and  Wise Guide.

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explanation of materials

Handouts Provided: Each participant will receive a blank primary learning log (which we will use to start building the Teacher's Master Log in class),    a regular and a red pencil, and class handouts.

For information on SWR materials, SWR Materials.

This time-tested method is excellent

  • For beginning readers,
  • an elementary spelling program,
  • remedial students (any age) behind in reading or spelling.
How to start SWR without a seminar! 

** See link at the bottom of this page for seminar preparation, which will also be emailed to you if you register. There is also a link there on How to Start SWR without a seminar. 

Practical Homeschooling Readers' Choice: 1st place, spelling AND phonics!!
A sample page from the primary learning log:

Watch these videos for correct dictation:

1. Part of the Consonant/Vowel Page 


2. Simple words (2 words from Section A) Section A; simple words

3. Section P Section P

4. Multi-syllable words with multi-letter phonograms  Section S; more difficult words

English grammar and diagramming site, works with SWR

An excellent diagramming site; diagrams the Declaration of Independence, Gettysburg Address, etc!

 The 2-day Basic SWR Class ...

 ·         Why, When, How of SWR

·         Focuses on the foundational steps on this method

·         Gives hands –on practicum

*        Ideas for working with preschoolers, as well as kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learners

·         Practice teaching time

·         Models both student and teacher roles

·         Helps you start your Primary Teacher’s Log

·         Teaching Sample Reference Pages

·         Using the Diagnostic Tests

·         Adapting SWR to individual students

·         Planning multi-level teaching

·         Lesson planning and organizing of materials

·         Tips for reversing and deterring dyslexic tendencies

SWR Plus! (SWR Intermediate) builds on the Basic Class, adding mid-level spelling and other reference pages. This is where we will discuss higher grammar, composition, literature, etc. This Intermediate class will sharpen your understanding of SWR from the Basic Class. All teachers will benefit, and especially those with students 2nd and above.
PREREQUISITE: You must be an alumnus of the Basic SWR to attend this class, although you may attend all three days in this one week at a special Conference price.

[If you also want to attend the Advanced the same week, read  Advanced SWR seminar, and register at  Register for Advanced SWR . This will enroll you in both seminars.]

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research proves intensive phonics to be the BEST way to learn to read for dyslexics, as well as normal students.(Yale University, Dr. Shaywitz)  Dr. Shaywitz's research

More brain science research & reading; Reading in the Brain by Dehaene   
A time-proven method with over 50 years of success throughout the States!

This intensive phonics course completely integrates penmanship and spelling, writing, reading with grammar and composition in the early grades, and is a complete spelling course for grades K-college level.

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[If you also want to attend the Advanced the same week, read  Advanced SWR seminar, and register at  Register for Advanced SWR . This will enroll you in both seminars.]