HomeSchooling for the Heart and Home

a Seminar to rekindle the vision for homeschooling your children!

    * a 7-hour seminar with display books to peruse...
        * Heart & Home Bookstore with homeschool favorites & hard-to-find resources

            * a 120-page seminar and resource manual you will use again and again...

                * 30 years of homeschooling experience and wisdom, plus hours of research

                    * fellowship with kindred spirits

Renewing your vision...

Homeschool with joy and confidence! Learn how to set up your own individualized school, with personalized curriculum for each child! Many, many creative ideas as well as specific curriculum advice for all grade levels, preschool - 12th grade! Then we'll also look at how to make the day go smoother by home and child management, streamlining, and eliminating the unnecessary. 

This seminar is for anyone interested in homeschooling -- whether you're a veteran

. . . just starting out . . . or just "looking" into the possibilities!

The seminar emphasizes the "whole picture" of home education: home schooling is more than just academics, but encompasses all of life. We need to teach life skills, character building, relational skills, chores, vocational skills, and life purpose.

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What is covered:

            ·         understanding your child

            ·         various methods of home schooling

            ·         age-appropriate curriculum

            ·         outstanding ways to save $$$

            ·         making homeschooling work for you

            ·         the blessings of home schooling

            ·         homeschooling for the whole of life!

            ·         chores and home organization

            ·         homeschooling with little ones

            ·         working through interruptions

            ·         the tyranny of the telephone

            ·         plus much, much more!


A 120- page Seminar/Resource Manual is included with the seminar, with seminar outline, ordering information, forms, plus a host of information...

a resource you can refer to again and again! Many curricular materials will also be on display, plus free home school catalogs for you to take home.

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Approximate schedule:

8-8:30       Registration, Bookstore opens 
8:30-10     First session
10:15-12  Second Session

12:00-1:00   Lunch
1:00-3:00     Third Session 

3:00-3:15     Break
3:15-5:30     Fourth Session  (Store closes)

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