Curriculum suggestions

This page is under construction, but here are some curriculum recommendations from 30 years of homeschooling. Most of the reading books I recommend can be found at the library. [My seminar manual, HomeSchooling for the Heart and Home has much more information on curriculum (preschool - 12th), as well as child training tips, and child and home organization. Teaching Teens covers homeschooling 7th - 12th in more detail. Both of these may be purchased from me; email me at if interested, or you wish me to come to your area to present either of these seminars. 

See the bottom of this page for various pdf formats which give more information.

Have fun browsing!
All Grade topics:

Chores & Child Training

Child Training Tips by Reb Bradley
Managers of their Homes by Terri Maxwell

Doorposts - tons of great things! Charts, freebies, etc.
Instruction in Righteousness - an essential aid for Christian parenting.

Preschool - Kindergarten

Bible & Character building:

Leading Little Ones to God
My ABC Bible Verses
My ABC Bible Verses
Big Truths for Little Kids by Susan Hunt (see link above)

Phonics - SWR with games!

Read-alouds, plus all subjects.
Five in a Row ... art, history, geography, science, in a very fun pattern for preschool, but especially Kindergarten!

Language Arts

Phonics, Spelling - use SWR, Spell to Write and Read, the Cadillac of phonics and spelling programs!

1828 Webster's Dictionary; free online, or hardback.

The Complete Christian Home and School Dictionary

English Grammar
K-2nd- use only SWR

3rd & up: Easy Grammar  or
Rod & Staff English Grammar & composition
9th + : Hayes English Grammar , or
The Mother Tongue [and answer key] by Nancy Wilson, or
Warriner's English Grammar and Composition


K-2nd : SWR only
3rd & up: IEW training for parents
or Rod & Staff English (see above)
7th & up: Wordsmith by Janie Cheaney
Format Writing by Jensen

Cursive First by Liz FitzGerald- start with cursive from the beginning, and eliminate reversals. This is the way people learned penmanship historically... children can do this! And it's best educationally.
After they've learned their basic cursive, move to an independent cursive book. I recommend these:
Rod & Staff Penmanship (3rd & up)

Reading (beginning through 9th)
Open Court Readers
Pathway Readers (K-6th)
Rod & Staff Readers (1st - 6th)



Primary grades (K-2nd)
Christian Liberty Press Nature Readers
Library books, field trips, with A Beka Science books and lapbooks (click here) and here [see below for more]

3rd - 12th
Apologia Science Curriculum

Home Training Tools - a terrific source for science equipment, labs, microscopes,& ideas of all kinds!

Creation Science Materials - get an age-appropriate book each year!

Answers in Genesis

Answers Magazine


Masters Books

K - 3rd - A Beka Math,
Most children need manipulatives: beans, buttons, legos, and other counters
[you only need to purchase one set, such as Unifix cubes, and then use things around the house, such as buttons, acorns, etc.]
Colorful counters from Timberdoodle
Unifix cubes

4th - precalculus - Teaching Textbooks [there's a diagnostic test online, if you're not sure where to place your child.]


ABC Bible verses, & Bible curriculum

Scripture Memory Fellowship: preschool through adult. (a wonderful resource, with books for Bible memory, rewards, & Christian books. May be used by groups or individual families.)

Worldview and Logic
See the pdf at the bottom of page; more coming for younger grades. Also see Worldview:

[NOTE: I buy only the study guide, and get most of the books from the library. Most libraries now have an online option, where you can reserve the books you want, and they'll have them at the front desk ready for you.
Plan ahead, and often your library will purchase the books they don't already have, if you ask them!]

K- Five in a Row
1st- Beautiful Feet Press [Early American History]
2nd - 3rd - Sonlight Press American History
4th - State History
5th - World Geography [A Beka- use over a year, and supplement with books from the library.]
     World Geography Club book by Mary Tanksley
6th - World History [Creation - Ancient Rome] Diane Waring
7th - 
World History [Ancient Rome - Middle Ages] Waring
8th - 
World History [Renaissance - Reformation] Waring
9th - 
World History [Reformation - French Revolution] Waring
10th - 
World History [1780 - present]  Waring
11th - American History  A Beka
12th - Government [1 semester] A Beka
         Economics [1 semester]  A Beka

[A VERY fun optional activity! Some of my children reveled in these, and others hated them! But you've got to at least try them to know. Do the first few together; this in not a do-it-yourself activity, but a very hands-on mommy and child bonding!]

My very favorite book- The Ultimate Lapbook Handbook by Tammy Duby

Free sites: Squidoo

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