Advanced SWR seminar

...  for those with students in 3rd grade or ab
ove, at least second year SWR, and who have attended a Basic SWR seminar.

The Advanced Learning Log is used in this seminar, which is used for 3rd grades and up.  This spelling log is pre-formatted with charts and extra reference pages in the back, such as the Primary Log has, but with the complete reference pages that an advanced student would use..
This special three-day ADVANCED seminar is designed as a follow-up class for alumni of a basic seminar or equivalent.
The focus is upper level spelling (starting at either Section T) and more detailed work with the reference pages.

This is specifically for teachers of 3rd grade and above, with more advanced topics in grammar, composition, and spelling enrichments (though teachers of younger children will be able to use many ideas also.) You must be an alumni of the basic class (or equivalent)  to attenAdvanced Learning Logd this class. You will not be considered a alumni of the Advanced class unless you have taken a previous Advanced SWR class.
We will be using Wanda Sanseri's newest product, her new Black Learning Log! This is pre-formatted, similar to the Primary Learning Log, for ease of use for both students and teachers! You will be building your Teacher's Learning Log during this seminar. (Each student will need a new learning log yearly; the primary log is designed for K-2nd; the black log, for 3th and up.)
NOTE: See the bottom of this page for the Black Log Answer Key- free download!

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Prerequisite: Alumni of a basic TRHS or SWR seminar. This advanced class will start at either Section P or S in the WISE Guide and build an Advanced Learning Log.  Most attendees have used SWR for a year or two, but some people choose to come to a Basic AND Advanced Combo the same year. Either choice is welcome.


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  • Schedule: This is a three-day seminar, Thursday- Saturday,  9 AM - 5 PM. Lunch on your own. No child care provided.
  • Handouts Provided: Each participant will receive a blank learning log (primary for the basic and black for the advanced), a regular and a red pencil, and class handouts.
  • Supplies Required: At class you are required to have SWR, Wise Guide, and blank lined notebook paper.

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SWR Core Set

Advanced study of the curriculum is advised. Materials will be sold on site but to assure an adequate supply, please specify ahead of time items you hope to purchase.

Preregistration: We appreciate registrations a month to two-weeks prior to the class so that we can properly plan to serve you. If you need to register later because of some condition outside of your control, please contact your local hostess to confirm space availability.

Cost: 2 weeks before the seminar  is $195 regular/ $98 for special guests. 

At the door, or anytime two weeks prior, $$205

Special guests include: additional family members of same immediate family (including children over 12), single parents, missionaries, senior pastors and wives, alumni of an earlier Advanced SWR class. Some schola
rships are available.

 Seminar preparation: download "Adv. SWR reminder" below; it will also be emailed to you.



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