7th Grade

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B'nai Tzedek - Living Jewish Values

B'nai Tzedek is a new and innovative Jewish service learning experience for all 7th graders who are becoming b'nai mitzvah at HEA.  Students participating in this program will delve into Jewish values and principles of philanthropy and have opportunities to implement those values through hands-on volunteer work and charitable giving.


Program Goals

1. Enable students to understand and act upon the core Jewish values of Tzedakah (social justice), Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) and G’milut Hasadim (acts of compassion) through volunteer work and charitable giving.

2. Support healthy adolescent development by offering a safe environment, engaging activities, opportunities for leadership and relationships with trusted adults.

3. Build a strong sense of community among students.

4. Increase students’ awareness of current social concerns and familiarize them with nonprofit organizations addressing these issues.

5. Influence and create a new generation of Jewish philanthropists and activists


The program will be held on the following Sundays, 9 -12pm. In addition to the service learning, each session will also include team building activities, social time, opportunities to interact with our community’s youth Israel engagement volunteers (Shin-Shinim), and more.  Several sessions will also be field trips to visit and volunteer at local organizations.





Tentative Class Schedule for the 2016-17 School year

Sep 11

Kick-off program for students– core concepts in philanthropy

Sep 18

Volunteer Day I

Oct 9

Jewish values and youth philanthropy

Oct 16

Jewish views on communal needs

Nov 6

Developing a personal approach to philanthropy (guest speaker)

Nov 13

Volunteer Day II

Dec 4

Building consensus, creating compassionate community, widening our spheres of concerns

Jan 8

Setting our project priorities through a Jewish lens

Jan 22

Volunteer Day III

Feb 5

Way of helping: philanthropy, direct service, fundraising, and advocacy, Jewish and non-Jewish

Feb 26

Volunteer Day IV

Mar 5

Fundraising strategies – the collection and allocation of tzedakah

Mar 19

Evaluating non-profit organizations  & Making choices – selecting our grant recipients

Apr 23

Siyyum – Closing Ceremony , Student Presentations and mini grant handout